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Top 10 Psychiatry Board Review Books

The top 10 Psychiatry Board Review Books When it comes to studying for ABPN Psychiatry Boards, most people agree that doing thousands of psychiatry [...]

6 Best Blogs/Sites for the Surgery Board Exams

Every year we spend time talking to Surgeons who took their boards – what worked well and what didn’t. Without fail, the average study time for the in [...]
Overcoming Your Fear of the Surgery Board Written Exam

Overcoming Your Fear of the Surgery Board Written Exam

If you're scheduled to take the written Surgery Board Exam in the near future, you may be feeling understandably nervous. After all, this exam will be [...]

COMLEX Level 1 Free Practice Questions

COMLEX is a particularly challenging exam. We've interviewed many students, and the most common word to describe the test is 'tricky.' In particular, [...]

Pediatric Board Question Format

We spend a significant amount of time talking to Pediatricians about the board format. Some common questions that we are asked: 'What format are the q [...]
Tips and Tricks for the Internal Medicine Boards

Tips and Tricks for the Internal Medicine Boards

Passing the Internal Medicine boards is vital to the practice. Offered by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), the exam verifies physicians [...]

New Psychiatry Vignette Board Review Format in 2014

For those of you gearing up to take the Psychiatry boards, the new format is challenging. The style of the exam is a case introduction, video, and the [...]
Radiology Board Review Practice Questions

Radiology Board Review Practice Questions

Although the Radiology Board Exam has an average pass rate around 90%, it should be well prepared for. Going through a question bank that has content [...]

Gastroenterology Board Review Practice Questions

The GI Board Exams have a pass rate around 94%, but you are definitely going to need to prepare . For this type of exam, it’s best to focus on the cor [...]

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Board Review Practice Questions

The Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Board Exam generally has a fairly high pass rate compared with the general Psychiatry Boards, which tend to be mor [...]

Surgery Board Review Practice Questions

The Surgery Board Exam can be very difficult, with a pass rate dipping as low as 75%. It’s also a very lengthy exam, lasting approximately eight hours [...]

Preparing for written OB/GYN Board exams

I think the best preparation for written OB/GYN boards is probably done by talking to your prior senior residents about what they did. Years of reside [...]

Preparing for Oral OB/GYN Boards

Dear Senior Residents and Junior Faculty: Congratulations! You’ve passed so many milestones already… Since starting residency, you’ve completed USMLE [...]

BoardVitals Is in the Huffington Post!

Recently, BoardVitals was featured in an article on the Huffington Post. [...]

Partnership with Pediatricsboardreview

We're pleased to announce a partnership with We have been working with Ashish for the past couple months and he has been an [...]

Serotonin System Dysfunction in OCD

Serotonin system dysfunction is central to Obsessive-Compulsive disorder, specifically hypersensitivity of postsynaptic serotonin receptors. The speci [...]

Sleep Disorders on the Psychiatry Boards

Sleep and Sleep Disorders Sleep disorders are one of the most difficult sections on the psychiatry ABPN board exam. Below is a brief summary of the t [...]

Psychiatry Boards Topics – Malingering

  Malingered Psychosis Malingering is an important topic found on the ABPN psychiatry board exam. The following is a summary of the topic for p [...]

Psychiatry Review – Legal, Ethics on PRITE and ABPN Boards

Legal and Ethics issues are difficult topics on the PRITE and ABPN Psychiatry Board exams, as well as the psychiatry shelf and Psychiatry MOC exams. [...]
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