6 Free COMVEX Practice Questions to Get Ready for the Exam

So, you’ve lost your osteopathic license. Whether you took some time off to focus on your family life, learn something new or something else, you can get it back you just have one exam standing in your way. It’s time to gear up for your Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Variable-Purpose Examination (COMVEX). This computer-based exam is designed to test students and license them as osteopathic physicians. The exam focuses heavily on cases that osteopathic doctors may run into on a regular basis. You definitely want to spend some time getting to know the topics found on this exam to be sure you’re ready. The best way to study is through COMVEX practice questions.

Here are six free COMVEX practice questions from the BoardVitals COMVEX question bank to see how prepared you are.

How did you do? Whether you aced them all or missed the mark, you can always use more COMVEX practice to prepare yourself for the big day.

The National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME) COMVEX lasts for one-day and is divided into two sessions, with a 40-minute break. During this time you will answer 400 multiple choice questions.

COMVEX Practice Questions
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What is covered on the COMVEX exam?

The COMVEX includes questions from two “dimensions” of categories. The first dimension covers all topics which a patient would seek medical care. The second dimension focuses on six skill areas that physicians need to use regularly.

The dimensions are outlined as follows:

Dimension 1

  • Population Health Concepts, Health Promotion, Chronic Disease Management, & Human Development 8-16%
  • Digestion and Metabolism 4-10%
  • Cognition, Behavior, Sensory & Central Nervous Systems, Substance Abuse, and Visceral and Sensory Pain 28-38%
  • Musculoskeletal System, including Somatic Pain 6-12%
  • Genitourinary System and Human Sexuality 3-8%
  • Circulation and the Respiratory System 8-16%
  • Thermoregulation 2-6%
  • Trauma, Masses, Edema, Discharge, and the Skin, Hair, and Nails 8-16%
  • Pregnancy, the Peripartum, and the Neonatal Period 3-8%

Dimension 2

  • Health Promotion/Disease Prevention 3-6%
  • History & Physical Examination 22-26%
  • Diagnostic Technologies 13-17%
  • Management 35-43%
  • Scientific Understanding of Health & Disease Mechanisms 3-6%
  • Health Care Delivery Issues 8-12%

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