See the Big Picture: 5 Free COMLEX Practice Questions

comlex practice questions

The Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination (COMLEX) Level 1 is a problem- and symptom-based assessment. Participants are tested on foundational biomedical sciences and other areas of medical knowledge relevant to solving clinical problems and promoting and maintaining health in providing osteopathic medical care to patients.

Ready to prepare for the exam? Here are 5 free COMLEX practice questions that will provide you with a good example of what to look forward to.

Good luck!

How did you do? Whether you aced it or not, you’re on the right track for preparing. The COMLEX Level 1 Exam consists of 400 test questions administered over the course of two 4-hour sessions.

Beginning with exams administered on May 1, 2022, the COMLEX Level 1 will move to a Pass/Fail grading system.

According to the COMLEX-USA Examination Blueprint, the COMLEX Level 1 Exam is broken down as follows:

Dimension 1: Competency Domains (Minimum %)

  1. Osteopathic Principles, Practice, and Manipulative Treatment: 11%
  2. Osteopathic Patient Care and Procedural Skills: 6%
  3. Application of Knowledge for Osteopathic Medical Practice: 60%
    1. Foundational Biomedical Sciences Knowledge Base
  4. Practice-Based Learning and Improvement in Osteopathic Medical Practice: 5%
  5. Interpersonal and Communication Skills in the Practice of Osteopathic Medicine: 3%
  6. Professionalism in the Practice of Osteopathic Medicine: 3%
  7. Systems-Based Practice in Osteopathic Medicine: 2%

Dimension 2: Clinical Presentations (Minimum %)

  1. Community Health and Patient Presentations Related to Wellness: 12%
  2. Human Development, Reproduction, and Sexuality: 5%
  3. Endocrine System and Metabolism: 5%
  4. Nervous System and Mental Health: 10%
  5. Musculoskeletal System: 13%
  6. Genitourinary/Renal System and Breasts: 5%
  7. Gastrointestinal System and Nutritional Health: 10%
  8. Circulatory and Hematologic Systems: 10%
  9. Respiratory System: 10%
  10. Integumentary System: 5%

Improving your score for the COMLEX is simple. You have to study and practice. Entering this exam with a deep knowledge of each disease in a larger scope is essential. 

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