Malpractice: What Will Get You Sued


Congratulations, you are a practicing physician! Get ready to be sued. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but before you finish your medical career there is a 75% chance that you will be named in a medical

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How Can Medical Schools Address Student Depression & Suicide?


The rate of medical student depression in the US is 15-30% higher than that of the general population. The suicide rate among male physicians is 70% higher than other professions and among female physicians, it’s 250-400% higher. It’s a dire situation that

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Preventive Medicine Certification Exam FAQs


Are you preparing to take your Preventive Medicine Certification Exam? In 2015, 94% of those taking the exam passed, make sure you’re in that passing percent. Prepare yourself with all the tools you need to make the grade. Before you

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How Many Medical Students Struggle With Depression?


Medical students have 15-30% higher rates of depression than the general population and yet only 15-20% of those who suffer seek formal help. Are doctors too busy or too embarrassed to seek help? Why is a profession rooted in healing

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6 Free Preventive Medicine Board Review Practice Questions


Let’s prevent a poor score on your Preventive Medicine Board Exam with some practice! Here are 6 practice questions to see if you’re as prepared as you think you are for the ABPM Preventive Medicine Board Exam. The Preventive Medicine

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6 Cardiology Board Review Questions That Will Help You Pass the Boards


Preparing for the 2016 ABIM Cardiovascular Disease Board Exam is no easy feat. Have a go at 6 cardiology board exam sample questions that will definitely test your knowledge and see if you’re as prepared as you think you are

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10 Public Health Concerns Every Doctor Encounters


As a newly practicing physician, you are going to see the adverse impacts of public health issues walk in your door every day. Sometimes you notice the underlying cause of illness and injury – like alcoholism; other times you notice

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Think You Can Answer These 6 Psychiatry Board Exam Questions?

psychiatry board exam

Beginning in 2016, the only pathway to board certification through the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) is the computer-administered Psychiatry Certification examination. The ABPN examination is on the difficult side, with a pass rate dipping as low as 82%. Below are

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Why Colleagues Aren’t Choosing Primary Care


Have you noticed that a large percent of your classmates aren’t choosing to specialize in primary care? According to The Match, only 44% of Family Medicine residency spots were filled across the U.S. in 2015. That’s not a pretty picture

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How Tutoring Can Help You ACE Your USMLE Exams


Have you ever been frustrated with a USMLE World or other question bank question?  I know I certainly have. I remember studying for the USMLE and wanting to slam my computer down in frustration when a question that I was

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Best Resources for Passing your OB/GYN Board Exam


Are you preparing for your OB/GYN Board Exam? Here’s your guide to crush it. Everyone reviews in different ways – check out these resources to see what fits best with your study habits. Best OB/GYN Board Review Course Though written

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Recognize and Diagnose Zika with These 4 Sample Questions


Zika has captivated the medical community’s attention. Whether or not the threat posed is equal to that of the media’s obsession has yet to be determined. What we do know is that it definitely doesn’t hurt to be knowledgeable and prepared to

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How to Plan for Retirement


In the long list of things you want to do now that you are out of medical school, worrying about retirement may be the very last item. However, if you are going to continue to work hard and build your

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FAQs about the Pathology Recertification Exam


Are you preparing for your American Board of Pathology (ABPATH) MOC exam? Here’s a guide to help you navigate through the process. This exam is designed to provide physicians with the appropriate standards to maintain quality care throughout their career. The Pathology

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The Doctor’s Essential Guide to Insurance


It’s safe to say that physicians don’t like risk. Evidence-based medicine strives to eliminate it. Physician practices are built to anticipate and protect against it. Despite these efforts, the business of caring for human beings is rife with risk. As

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August BOGO Sale: Buy One Month, Get One Free


August, September and October are littered with Medical Board and MOC exams. Are you ready for yours? To help you prepare for these upcoming exams, BoardVitals is offering a limited time BOGO offer: buy one month, get one month free.

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6 Free Internal Medicine Sample Questions You Need to Know

internal medicine

The ABIM Internal Medicine Board Exam is drawing near. In 2015, first time takers of the test saw a pass rate of 89.6% — but don’t let this high statistic keep you from making sure you’re as prepared as you can possibly be.

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USMLE Step 3 Question Banks: UWorld vs. Kaplan vs. BoardVitals


Are you preparing for your USMLE Step 3 Exam? The USMLE Step 3 exam had a 94% pass rate in 2015 among all test takers and thus, has become notoriously one of the easier USMLE exams. Nonetheless, studying is important

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USMLE Step 2CK Question Banks: UWorld vs. Kaplan vs. BoardVitals


If your USMLE Step 2 CK exam is coming up, you’ve come to the right place to figure out exactly how to review. To start, let’s make sure we know what we’re tackling. The exam is a one-day, nine-hour exam,

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How to Adjust to Actually Earning Money


For the first time since you can remember you have money. For years you have been watching your friends get established in their careers, buying cars and houses, while you toiled away in medical school, residency and even fellowship. Now,

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