BoardVitals Partners with ZDoggMD to Honor Nurses with ‘Nurse Virginia’ Video

BoardVitals Partners with ZDoggMD to Honor Nurses with 'Nurse Virginia' Video

As part of National Nurses Week, BoardVitals Partnered with ZDoggMD with this “Nurse Virginia” video, which is a parody on the song, “Meet Virginia” by Train, to show appreciation to a group of vital and oftentimes underappreciated professions in healthcare. In addition to supporting the potluck for the nurses in the video, BoardVitals gave away free “Trust Me I’m a Nurse” T-shirts to the first 2,000 nurses that signed up at

Nurse Virginia Trust Me Im A Nurse Shirt

Unfortunately, we couldn’t personally thank every nurse on the planet. However, let us speak for everybody when we say, thank you for all that you do. Check out the video below.

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We hope you enjoyed our “Nurse Virginia” video with ZDoggMD. We had so much fun putting it together with him. Nurses are the unsung superheroes of healthcare and we appreciate all you do.

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Watch the “Nurse Virginia” Facebook Video and be sure to leave some love for nurses in the comments.


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