BoardVitals Updates NCLEX® Question Banks to Help Combat Test Anxiety

BoardVitals Updates NCLEX® Question Banks to Help Combat Test Anxiety

BoardVitals updates NCLEX question banks

Have you heard? The BoardVitals NCLEX RN® and NCLEX PN® banks have been updated with new features to help you learn better, gain relevant practice, and feel confident going into test day. The NCLEX® question banks will still have all the great features you’ve come to expect from BoardVitals, such as the ability to compare your performance against the national average and a 100% Pass Guarantee, plus new features to help you become better equipped to tackle the NCLEX®.

The BoardVitals NCLEX® Banks cover more than 3,000 practice questions — 3,300+ NCLEX-RN® and 900+ NCLEX-PN® questions — to help you pass your exam with confidence. These questions were written and reviewed with care by nurses and educators who’ve recently taken the exam and have experience writing real exam questions.

More Detailed Explanations for Distractor Answers

While BoardVitals question banks have always included detailed explanations, our updates include additional details in those explanations, particularly focusing on the distractor explanations that can often trip up test takers on exam day. These new questions have detailed explanations and distractor explanations will often include graphics and images to help you learn the information better.

New “Practice Connection” Section

We’ve also added a brand new section to each question called “Practice Connection.” This Practice Connection section provides the test taker with additional key information and/or a summary of important points for quick recall. Combined with the updated explanations, these updates help you not only understand where many test takers go wrong, but the key takeaways you should understand for each concept and knowledge area tested.

BoardVitals NCLEX Question Banks Practice Connection

More Alternate Format NCLEX® Questions

Although exam content is an important part of your preparation, it’s also important to be familiar with the NCLEX® test format. We’ve enhanced our NCLEX® question banks with features to help you prepare yourself for what you’ll see on that impending day. On test day, you’ll encounter a variety of question formats on your exam. In addition to the traditional multiple choice questions, we have added questions written in the “alternate formats” you’ll find on the exam. These alternate format questions include:

  • Select all that apply (SATA)
  • Graphic items
  • Hot spots
  • Drag and drop ordered response
  • Fill in the blank
  • Audio questions
  • Exhibit questions

New Question Categories

We’ve provided additional categories to allow you to select an area of focus for your study, by creating custom exams organized by body systems, practice types, or NCLEX® client needs categories. You can create your NCLEX® practice test to focus on Client Need Categories or Body Systems Categories or Practice Types Categories. These additional categories help you to maximize your study time by targeting areas in which you need more review.

Customized NCLEX Practice Exams

BoardVitals NCLEX Question Banks Customized Practice Exams

You can use BoardVitals banks in either Timed or Review mode. Review mode allows you to take practice questions with no time limit and review answers and detailed explanations as you go. Timed mode helps you learn how to budget your time for each question so you don’t end up running out of time on test day. In timed mode, you select the number of questions you want to practice and the number of seconds you want to allow yourself per question and BoardVitals will create your custom practice exam.

To simulate actual NCLEX® exam conditions, the BoardVitals NCLEX® question banks are equipped with Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) Technology, so you can even create a practice exam that simulates the computer adaptive format of the real NCLEX®.

Updated Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) technology for the NCLEX®

BoardVitals NCLEX Question Banks Create Adaptive Exam Button

The CAT technology uses an algorithm to present test questions at your level of knowledge, which is recalculated after each answer is submitted. For example, if you answer a question of intermediate difficulty correctly, your next question will be more difficult. If you answer it incorrectly, your next question will be simpler. This model focuses on testing the information you’ve mastered to gauge your level of knowledge. The algorithm creates unique tests for each test taker and provides accurate scoring of knowledge across all tests. On your test day, you will receive between 75 and 265 questions, depending on how you answer them.  

The BoardVitals team has implemented computer adaptive testing technology in our NCLEX® question banks to provide users with a sense of the style and difficulty of the exam at your unique knowledge level. Each question you answer will determine the difficulty of the next question you receive, just as you’ll find when you take the NCLEX®. As you review, your questions on practice exams will reflect your improved understanding.

We wish you good luck on your studying and hope BoardVitals can help you be successful. Want to try it out? Check out our Free Trial.

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