BoardVitals & Picmonic: The Complete NCLEX® Study Buddy

Picmonic and BoardVitals

With so many study options to help you prepare for your NCLEX® exams, it can be confusing to know what will work best for you. We’ve recently partnered with Picmonic, a mnemonic study aid that turns hard-to-remember facts into memorable pictures and stories, to bring you the complete NCLEX® study buddy you’ve been looking for.

The BoardVitals NCLEX® question banks bring together high-quality board review questions with comprehensive explanations and rationales to help you prepare with confidence for your upcoming exams. Our NCLEX® question banks feature Computer Adaptive Technology (CAT for short) to help you simulate testing conditions and is packed with new features to help you combat test anxiety.

When you add Picmonic to BoardVitals, you create a perfect study plan. Have you ever found yourself re-reading the same facts repeatedly but being unable to retain the information? Picmonic supplements BoardVitals practice questions in the best ways to help you get even more prepared to take the NCLEX®. They take mnemonics and combine them with silly pictures to turn them into Picmonic videos!

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Give it a try. Here’s an example of BoardVitals + Picmonic in action.

Can you answer this BoardVitals NCLEX Practice Question?

BoardVitals NCLEX® Practice Question 

A nurse is teaching a client who has a new prescription for valproic acid. The nurse should instruct the client he will need to have which of the following laboratory tests completed periodically while taking this medication? (Select all that apply.)

A. Platelet count

B. Hematocrit

C. Amylase

D. Liver function

E. Potassium

Whether you found that really simple, or struggled through, see how this Picmonic explains the topic in a way that will help you remember.

Valproic Acid (Depakote)


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