BoardVitals Pass Guarantee

BoardVitals offers a 100% pass guarantee on every question bank that we sell.

We have hand-picked the very best questions from the major leading publishers: Wiley, Wolters Kluwer, and McGraw Hill. We have also hired over 150 individual physicians to write content. This means that we are THE most comprehensive, and largest, question and answer bank for the 20+ Medical Specializations that we cover.

As a result, we stand by our product 100%. If you don’t pass, we offer a free subscription for the length of time that you originally purchased. This applies to every subscription, discounted and otherwise. We will provide access as many times as you need to pass your certification or board examination.


You must submit a copy of the letter or notice you received that you did not pass your Board or Certification exams. We will verify the notice, add time to your account, and remove any record of the letter that you sent us. Please use the contact us form to start this process.

Pass Rates

We are frequently asked about our pass rates. Specialists that use our platform have an 8% higher pass rate than the national average. We base this percentage off of the number of refund requests we receive in a given year on a per Specialty basis.

For example, we had 219 Pathology signups in 2013. We received 6 notifications of non-pass events for this Specialty. This means that we have an assumed failure rate of 2.7%. The national failure rate is ~20% when AP and CP are both taken. We look at each specialty individually to understand our pass rates. We’ve also conducted over 30 post-test interviews across the specialties to make sure that we are meeting customer needs.


In a small survey we completed in 2013 (not statistically significant), we received 4.6 out of 5 stars on the quality of the content, 4.5 out of 5 stars on the platform (with a strong recommendation to add timed exams), and 4.6 out of 5 stars on customer service. We added timed exams, and exam conditions in 2014.

We also completed a survey on the amount of time spent on the exams for our CME credentialing purposes (this was a statistically significant study with over 300 timed questions). For Psychiatry, the average time was over 2 minutes per question, with Psychiatry Vignettes taking significantly longer (up to 10 minutes per question). Each question bank naturally has some variation on the amount of time spent on the platform. Based on the interviews we’ve conducted, we suggest at least 3 months to prepare using our question banks.

BoardVitals is a physician founded and operated company. We care a lot about training physicians. We’ve been there and want you to succeed. Please let us know if you have any questions.