BoardVitals Reviews & Testimonials

“Most Comprehensive online board review resource for numerous specialties I have seen. Excellent quality and quantity of questions available. Wish I had this sooner.”

Dr. Garry Choy, Radiology

“This is the best way for a busy family practitioner to revise for recertification: interactive, concise, and up-to-date! I highly recommend this product. ”

Dr. Jennifer Gwozdz

“I really enjoyed the quality of questions. I am still in my early years of residency and bought this to work on my weak areas. I must admit that it is working great. I will recommend it to everyone. The explanations that follow the questions are quite relevant and useful. ”

Omer Naeem

“BoardVitals was crucial to my preparation for the Pain Medicine Recertification Examination. This is the only up-to-date resource that accurately represented all of the recent changes in the examination content. Highest possible recommendation!!!”

Marshall Craig

“I'm in the midst of studying for my MOC exam in October. The sample questions look great, and I used you guys for PEDs a couple of years ago. Thanks for a great service!”

Dr. Kevin Kilpatrick

“Good test questions and learning at your own pace!”

K Quang

“I am enjoying BoardVitals and feel much more prepared for the Family Medicine boards because of you. Thank you!”

Dr. Amy Cottrell

“Thanks for the response! Just wanted to say the customer service and response to feedback I've had with BoardVitals has been excellent. I can't imagine how many emails you get from 1000s of stressed out residents like me about to take the boards, so I appreciate it.”

Collier Gladin

“BoardVitals is essential for any pathology resident preparing for boards. Their questions are insightful, and the explanations are extremely helpful.”

Cynthia Forker

“BoardVitals has an excellent question bank of over 1000 questions, including a large # of clinically applicable physics. Highly recommended!”

Keith Andrews

“BoardVitals has been extremely helpful for studying for the PRITE exam and also now that I am studying for the ABPN board exam. I really love the format and the comprehensive explanations. It's a fantastic learning tool, and I will keep using it! ”

N. Park

“I used RADprimer when preparing for the CORE exam because my residency program paid for the subscription and it was really the only option, or well-known option, at the time. But I can honestly say the style of questions, image quality, and interface is clearly superior with BoardVitals. I wish it was available when I took the CORE exam.”

Nicholas Galante

“I have found BoardVitals to be the single most useful resource in preparing for the Radiology Core exam. In their database, there are over 1000 questions drawn from every section of the Core exam, including Physics, with answers and appropriate references. To-date, it is the most complete and realistic simulation of the Core exam that I've been able to find. I strongly recommend it as an essential exam-preparation resource. ”

Lorcan O'Tuama

“There are two things I like about this program. One is that they never stop updating and evolving. During my trial, the question banks have been updated at least twice. The other is the response from the program is quick. They are on top of things, and this made me feel more confident about this program. I definitely will recommend this program to friends!”

Marion Zhu

“I feel more comfortable sitting for my board recertification with the BoardVitals exam questions. They are very similar to well-recognized board review courses but with vast questions and answers.”

M. Dalao

“I am very happy with BoardVitals! It really helped me a lot in preparing for my written OBGYN boards. Thank you for coming up with such challenging questions in a review format that is easy and convenient to use. ”

Dr. Buenafe

“Your question bank has been so helpful for me. I can't thank you enough! ”

W. Cipriani

“I found these questions both accessible and clinically relevant. Answers are detailed and well-structured. I would recommend!”

P. Fletcher

“This is an excellent Q-bank!”

O. Khan

“I found BoardVitals to be very useful and probably the most beneficial part of my studying.”

Dr. Matt Bader

“Great resource. Definitely recommended for the Pathology boards! ”

D Azim

“So far, this has been a fantastic educational tool! Thank you!”

Ben Citrin

“Finding resources for preparation was a difficult task, but thank you to BoardVitals for making resources available. For one month, I've been preparing for the exam with BoardVitals as my main resource material, and I have found it very informative and user-friendly. It covers all chapters in General Surgery. ”

A Pulate

“Thank you for the great questions that helped me pass the board exam. ”

Mervat Estefanos

“I used the online BoardVitals and found that the 600+ questions for my specialty were pretty comprehensive with answers to each question and a convenient monitoring of my progress. I could choose as short or long a test as desired and then review missed questions to hone areas requiring more review. It is also quite affordable and perhaps most importantly really preps you for test-taking skills.”

Steven Taylor

“After taking the boards once and now studying for my recertification exam, I think BoardVitals is the best review product I have ever encountered. It covers all the important subjects and nuances of the written exam. BoardVitals is superb! ”

Jose Sanclement