BoardVitals Reviews & Testimonials

“Most Comprehensive online board review resource for numerous specialties I have seen. Excellent quality and quantity of questions available. Wish I had this sooner.”

Dr. Gary Choy, Radiology

“I am very happy with BoardVitals! It really helped me a lot in preparing for my written OBGYN boards. Thank you for coming up with such challenging questions in a review format that is easy and convenient to use. ”

Dr. Buenafe

“Your question bank has been so helpful for me. I can't thank you enough! ”

W. Cipriani

“Thanks for the response! Just wanted to say the customer service and response to feedback I've had with BoardVitals has been excellent. I can't imagine how many emails you get from 1000s of stressed out residents like me about to take the boards, so I appreciate it.”

Collier Gladin

“This is the best test bank I've ever used! The questions are great, and the answers are very thorough! I am extremely grateful for having access to your test questions! Thank you!”

Golnaz Alemi

“I found these questions both accessible and clinically relevant. Answers are detailed and well-structured. I would recommend!”

P. Fletcher

“This is an excellent Q-bank!”

O. Khan

“BoardVitals is essential for any pathology resident preparing for boards. Their questions are insightful, and the explanations are extremely helpful.”

Cynthia Forker

“BoardVitals was crucial to my preparation for the Pain Medicine Recertification Examination. This is the only up-to-date resource that accurately represented all of the recent changes in the examination content. Highest possible recommendation!!!”

Marshall Craig

“I found BoardVitals to be very useful and probably the most beneficial part of my studying.”

Dr. Matt Bader

“Great resource. Definitely recommended for the Pathology boards! ”

D Azim

“BoardVitals has an excellent question bank of over 1000 questions, including a large # of clinically applicable physics. Highly recommended!”

Keith Andrews

“So far, this has been a fantastic educational tool! Thank you!”

Ben Citrin

“Finding resources for preparation was a difficult task, but thank you to BoardVitals for making resources available. For one month, I've been preparing for the exam with BoardVitals as my main resource material, and I have found it very informative and user-friendly. It covers all chapters in General Surgery. ”

A Pulate

“BoardVitals has been extremely helpful for studying for the PRITE exam and also now that I am studying for the ABPN board exam. I really love the format and the comprehensive explanations. It's a fantastic learning tool, and I will keep using it! ”

N. Park

“I'm in the midst of studying for my MOC exam in October. The sample questions look great, and I used you guys for PEDs a couple of years ago. Thanks for a great service!”

Dr. Kevin Kilpatrick

“This is the best way for a busy family practitioner to revise for recertification: interactive, concise, and up-to-date! I highly recommend this product. ”

Dr. Jennifer Gwozdz

“Thank you for the great questions that helped me pass the board exam. ”

Mervat Estefanos

“I used the online BoardVitals and found that the 600+ questions for my specialty were pretty comprehensive with answers to each question and a convenient monitoring of my progress. I could choose as short or long a test as desired and then review missed questions to hone areas requiring more review. It is also quite affordable and perhaps most importantly really preps you for test-taking skills.”

Steven Taylor

“I used RADprimer when preparing for the CORE exam because my residency program paid for the subscription and it was really the only option, or well-known option, at the time. But I can honestly say the style of questions, image quality, and interface is clearly superior with BoardVitals. I wish it was available when I took the CORE exam.”

Nicholas Galante

“I have found BoardVitals to be the single most useful resource in preparing for the Radiology Core exam. In their database, there are over 1000 questions drawn from every section of the Core exam, including Physics, with answers and appropriate references. To-date, it is the most complete and realistic simulation of the Core exam that I've been able to find. I strongly recommend it as an essential exam-preparation resource. ”

Lorcan O'Tuama

“Good test questions and learning at your own pace!”

K Quang

“There are two things I like about this program. One is that they never stop updating and evolving. During my trial, the question banks have been updated at least twice. The other is the response from the program is quick. They are on top of things, and this made me feel more confident about this program. I definitely will recommend this program to friends!”

Marion Zhu

“I feel more comfortable sitting for my board recertification with the BoardVitals exam questions. They are very similar to well-recognized board review courses but with vast questions and answers.”

M. Dalao

“I am enjoying BoardVitals and feel much more prepared for the Family Medicine boards because of you. Thank you!”

Dr. Amy Cottrell

“I really enjoyed the quality of questions. I am still in my early years of residency and bought this to work on my weak areas. I must admit that it is working great. I will recommend it to everyone. The explanations that follow the questions are quite relevant and useful. ”

Omer Naeem

“After taking the boards once and now studying for my recertification exam, I think BoardVitals is the best review product I have ever encountered. It covers all the important subjects and nuances of the written exam. BoardVitals is superb! ”

Jose Sanclement

“BoardVitals has lucid and rapid exam preparation that covers all important aspects in ENT! ”

P Pujary

“I've really enjoyed the content of the questions as I use it to play jeopardy with our group of Hospitalists! It's fun and educational! ”

Abram A. Aguilar

“I am currently studying for my dental boards, and your question bank is great. I've tried a lot of Q-banks, but none like this. I'm really glad I found it! ”

Ruth Delgado
Dental Student

“BoardVitals offers well-written practice questions with highly detailed explanations that help students review for Step 1. Even going over wrong answers helps students learn high-yield associations so that they know what key information to look for on the real exam and won’t get questions like those wrong in the future. BoardVitals offers both a tutor/review mode and a timed test mode to give students flexibility in practicing for the exam. BoardVitals makes it easy to study at your own pace. ”

Jess U.
Medical Student

“I believe that your cardiology questions were very instrumental in my passing the recertification examination. The content of your question bank was nearly identical to that of the ABIM test. Your format duplicated the actual exam, which allowed me to practice taking several series of test on a computer screen (which was not like what I did when I took the certifying exam 10 years ago). I would recommend your format to anyone taking a certification or recertification exam in cardiology. ”

Keith Johnstone

“The BoardVitals USMLE Step 1 Q-bank rivals (and, in many ways, excels when compared to) the current vanguards of medical licensure exam preparation. Given the high-yield and high-quality questions available to users, I would wholeheartedly recommend this Q-bank as the primary, go-to solution for Step 1 simulation. ”

Andrew T. Colucci
MD, Senior Radiology Resident at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Clinical Instructor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School

“A great question bank that helped me with my exam preparation!”

Sara Makhdoum
MD, Pathology

“Just wanted to add my thanks to the pile. I passed the neurology boards (with special qualification in child neurology), and BoardVitals was a large part of my study plan. I thought the questions were appropriately difficult, and I very much appreciated the feedback from your staff when I questioned a small minority of the items (the ones that were unclear or wrong were promptly corrected). Well done! Thank you, and if I decide to take the pediatric boards next year, I will know where to come!”

Susan Duberstein

“Really thorough review. Not just for the boards but also in clinical practice update!!”

Suresh Patel

“I found BoardVitals to be a wonderful way to prepare for my board exam! I liked that you could design exams to cover all topics or just topics you needed more work on. The answer explanations were also very good! Thanks, BoardVitals!!!”

Rebecca Zarko

“BoardVitals is a good Q-bank for preparation for the radiology core exam. It has focused questions aimed at each system separately. I used it for preparation for my core exam and found it useful. Even the customer support is quite prompt and responsive. ”

Abhijit Patil

“These questions are very helpful in my preparation. Thank you for all your great work! ”

S. Zaghi

“This question bank is awesome, I am using it right now, and the questions are excellent. They cover all the objectives, matters, and subjects needed to take the Step 1 exam. They provide clear explanations of the topics with deep knowledge. I have used other systems before that are commonly used by students taking the boards, and this question bank is as strong as any other in the top market. ”

Enrique Viera
Medical Student

“Best psychiatric question bank available, period. Extremely impressed. ”

D. Galvez
Attending Psychiatrist

“Passed the boards. Thanks for everything! ”

Dr. Gian Carlo Giove

“So far, I am really enjoying the BoardVitals question bank. The questions are much harder than other dermatology question banks out there, and the explanations are very thorough! I think it is a great asset for board review!”

Jasmine Campbell Hollinger

“I am preparing students for the General Surgery Shelf Exam with Prometric. Finding good resources for preparation was difficult. Thank you for making this resource available! Since day one, I have been using BoardVitals as a primary study resource, and it's great. It is very informative and user-friendly and covers all the chapters in General Surgery. I also like that this is styled similar to the Prometric exam.”

Dr. Pari Pulate

“I strongly recommend BoardVitals for psychiatry board preparation. Answers are comprehensive and help me to learn new information I am not aware of, especially neurology. ”

S. Khan

“BoardVitals' question bank is very typical of the board exam. It is also a good way to review key core topics. Excellent format and very time-efficient.”

Samir Pancholy

“I used this site and think BoardVitals was the single site that helped me pass my last ABPN (American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology) Re-Certification examination in 2013. I have attended several Board Certification Prep Courses in the past; they were presented well in a classroom setting and enriched my knowledge base in Psychiatry but did NOT help me at all in preparing for the actual exam. BoardVitals surely did, and hence I am eager to be part of BoardVitals. I truly like its Q&A format with questions, answers, explanations, and references.”

Amal Chakraburtty

“This is an awesome preparation tool for my Family Medicine boards! I'm so glad I found BoardVitals! ”

Sheryl Shipes

“Kudos to BoardVitals. It significantly helped me pass the General Psych boards.”

Elizabeth Worsham

“When I studied for the exam, I went to an ASAM review course (weekend course) and did their bank of ~500 questions 2-3 times prior to finding out about BoardVitals. When I purchased BoardVitals, I was impressed with the questions and lengthy vignettes. I think the questions you have reflect more of what is seen on the actual exam. I actually tossed all my ASAM stuff and focused on your question bank. I did all the questions 2-3 times prior to the exam. ”

“I would recommend BoardVitals! I haven't taken the boards yet; however, there are quite a few questions in the database, and the layout of the site is very conducive to studying on the go (e.g. from one's cell phone). The site is very easy to use and allows you to power through questions quickly and track your progress and performance. I've seen familiar types of questions on the RISE exam as well. I hope I'll see them on the boards too!”

E. Akin

“The experience I had was excellent. I tried to come up with a list of things that I would change, and I really didn’t have any. My favorite thing by far was being able to see the explanation to the answer, even if it was answered correctly. It helped me solidify my learning. I really liked being able to sort the “test” of 50 questions into different categories and have a mix when the 50 questions appeared. ”

Noora Shalabi
Student at STLCOP

“BoardVitals has revolutionized the way we study for the PRITE and for boards! Finally, a psychiatry question bank! We no longer have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to attend a review course. The course comes to you, and you can use it anytime you want. The statistics and feedback provided with each question are extremely helpful and guide you in how you compare to others, which subjects you need to work on, and which you are doing well in.”

“The question bank is very helpful to study for the PRITE and the boards. It is also useful for testing my knowledge of psychiatry in general. The answer explanations are very useful, and they help me to commit facts to memory. I love the convenience of a computerized test bank versus a large, heavy book!”

Sophia Kassem
Psychiatry resident at University of Toledo

“This question bank is exactly what I need to prepare to take my pediatric boards. The scope of the material is extremely high yield and really focuses on what I need to know to be most successful when taking the boards. The answer discussions for each question are well written and are mini-lectures in and unto themselves. I would recommend this question bank to anyone looking to improve their general pediatric knowledge. ”

Dr. Ellsworth
Neonatology Fellow, Mayo Clinic

“The BoardVitals neurology question bank questions challenge your clinical knowledge while providing detailed and clear explanations that add to your understanding of the pathophysiology of the neurosciences. This is a great way to beef up your knowledge for the boards and RITE exams! ”

Dr. L Schneider
Neurology Resident at The Johns Hopkins Hospital

“I'm scheduled to take the Step 1 in a few months, so my main resources consist of question banks. I've been using BoardVitals for the past couple of weeks and was amazed at how much I didn't know! Your questions have helped me to find and fill in gaps in my knowledge. Because the questions also focus on high-yield information, they help me to review what I do know. Thank you for providing such relevant, useful content!”

Medical student at Miami University School of Medicine

“I am currently studying for my pathology boards, and your question bank is great.”

Dr. Gokhale

“This was an amazing tool to help me pass the Family Nurse Practitioner board exam. The majority of the actual board questions I got were very similar to the questions in this review and were on the same material. ”


“I used your questions and easily passed my pediatric recertification exam. ”

Dr. Susie Beris

“This has been a good learning experience for me as I prepare to take the Part 1 ABPN exams. I believe that the standard of the questions and the knowledge I acquire by reviewing them will guide me to success without a doubt. ”

Dr. Olumuyiwa Falola
Attending Psychiatrist, Delaware

“BoardVitals is a great adjunct to your study materials when preparing for the NBDE II. The questions help to prepare you well for the exam and cover a wide variety of important topics. The ease of completing the practice questions online at your convenience is one of the strengths of the resource. In addition, the detailed answer explanations help to review the important concepts and take away points from the question. I highly recommend it!”

Dr. Florence Kwo
DMD, Graduate of Harvard Dental School

“I have recommended and will continue to recommend BV to the many people I'm in contact with, both at MGH and elsewhere. As I have now seen the content of the actual board exam, I cannot comment on board content, but suffice it to say the results speak. BoardVitals made studying for boards painless and effective. ”

“It's great to have a bank of so many questions, AP and CP, that I can take with me wherever I go—no need to drag around a heavy textbook! BoardVitals makes it easy to use even a few minutes of downtime!”

Sofia Kazi
MD Chief Resident at Mount Sinai Medical Center New York, NY

“The database of questions is not only large, but also the quality of questions is unsurpassed. I was especially impressed with the explanations, which often included images, charts, or tables to summarize large amounts of information. Using this system to prepare for the PRITE exam helped me increase my score significantly and will be incredibly valuable to me as I prepare for the boards as well. The convenience of reviewing for boards from anywhere is great. I won't need to attend an in-person course and spend thousands of dollars to pass the boards. ”

Dr. Sean Paul
MD, PGY-3 Resident University of Florida

“I took my recent exam yesterday. I honestly feel that I was very well prepared using your program to review in just one month! The AOBOG exam had many questions that could easily have come from this test bank. ”

Lisa Vendeland

“I am a fourth-year pathology resident. I have not taken the board exam yet, but I could easily tell that questions would prepare you very well for the RISE exam since they cover all the important topics. We do not also have enough good question resources, so I would strongly suggest the BoardVitals Q bank, especially if you are a person who learns with questions. ”

H. Demir

“Excellent test preparation for Child Psychiatry Boards and MOC! Many relevant questions with thorough explanations. The interface allows you to customize a practice exam which mimics the real thing! Highly recommended. I plan to use BoardVitals for future re-certification in Adult and Child Psychiatry. ”

Brian Rockower

“Board Vitals was great! Same question style as the boards! I loved it. Used it about the last week in combo with practice APMLE exams, and it was overall a good representation of the exam. Strong study source, and I hope you guys get it next year. ”

“I found BoardVitals to be a very valuable resource. I used it each night for a couple of weeks before as a benchmark to see where I was with my understanding of subjects. I plan to use it for APMLE Part II if it is available next year. ”

“Very effective tool. The site was helpful in studying for the boards. ”

“Several of our May BSN grads who have passed the NCLEX have stopped in to say hi. Uniformly, they've said how great BoardVitals is!”

Susan Bader
Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing

“I think these questions would provide an excellent review for the AGACNP exam. The body system/category grouping allows individuals to focus on specific areas of concern or to take a variety of questions more like the actual exam. The explanations are helpful and provide a good rationale and learning points. I would suggest that users use this resource for several months prior to their exam in order to master the content and to get used to taking a lengthy exam such as the AGACNP exam. This would also be an excellent resource for schools to prepare their students for the exam and to increase their pass rate.”

K. Wright

“I cannot thank this website enough for the success I've had at taking the NCLEX-RN examination. The rationales were great, and the difficulty of the questions was appropriate for proper preparation of the exam. My advice to those preparing for the exam is to not fret if you seem to be making 60s on the practice exams on this website. Just be sure to read through the rationales, and you should do fine! Good luck to you all! ”

Michelle O

“I just wanted to say I am doing the Smartie Pants Dance as I passed my ANCC boards. I wanted to say that the Board Vitals questions helped so much as the boards were similar. I will recommend this site to future students. :) ”

Karen Resseguie

“Your questions were way better than Fitzgerald & APEA! I did all of them, and your questions had the best explanations for learning purposes!”

Liz Jones

“I wanted to tell you that I used BoardVitals for my AANP certification. It was extremely helpful, and I would recommend your product to any advance practice nursing students to help prepare for boards. The questions were well written and provided a thorough explanation for the correct and incorrect answers. I passed the boards without difficulty. Thank you for a wonderful product to prepare for certification. ”

Kerri Henderson
Nursing Student

“BoardVitals is the ideal complementary review source for any resident seeking to maximize their board exam review. The otolaryngology questions challenge you to apply your knowledge of frequently-tested ENT principles in a variety of fields, ranging from otology and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery to pediatric otolaryngology and head and neck oncology. Each question is written in a board-style format, and each answer offers a detailed review of key concepts. Otolaryngology residents, myself included, have been waiting for this type of review material to be available for us, and it's finally here. I highly recommend it! ”

Danny Soares
Otolaryngology/Plastics Fellow at Emory University

“Thanks for providing such a helpful tool for teaching and evaluating residents! We have used BoardVitals this past year as part of our Psychiatry Board Review course. It has been helpful in assessing our residents’ ability to take timed tests and comparing the results to when they have as much time as they want. We can look at what areas the residents may be struggling individually or collectively. I believe it is helpful to keep them engaged through regular homework in a style of electronic questioning similar to the actual boards. ”

“BoardVitals is the most user-friendly board review material I've encountered. Instead of being tied to a CD or book, I like how it is available anywhere (think mobile/tablet), and exams can easily be saved for later, making studying portable and convenient. BoardVitals covers the full breadth of Pediatrics and hits those pesky obscure facts you just have to know to pass. ”

Bryce Mendelsohn

“This Q-bank is awesome. When I used this bank for the first time, I said to myself 'oh wow' because I was missing little bits and pieces which I filled in with BoardVitals. These questions are hard but very similar to questions on NBME exams. I would strongly recommend BoardVitals for everyone who is studying for Step 1, 2, 3 and shelf exams. I used this bank for Step 1, and right now I'm using it for Step 2 and for my upcoming Internal Medicine shelf exam.”

Nadia Badar
Medical Student

“I used BoardVitals quite frequently in my study preparation for the board exam. After taking the exam this past week, I feel as though the questions presented on BoardVitals were highly representative of the questions that I saw on my exam. I felt as though BoardVitals was a great study tool. I do want to note that I used both the APMLE Part 1 and USMLE Part 1 practice questions in my studies. The USMLE questions went into more detail, but I also feel that many of those questions were like the questions I saw on boards.”

“I wanted to give BoardVitals a personal testimonial. Many people said not to do practice test questions before my FNP boards and to worry more about learning the processes versus learning the questions. I totally agreed with learning the concepts versus memorizing the questions, but I disagreed with not practicing test questions, which is why I bought my BoardVitals exam prep. I had gone to a live exam prep, gotten CDs, and read a few prep books. Hands down, BoardVitals was the best study tool I used for my boards. Additionally, after doing BoardVitals, I got more out of my books and CDs. I liked how BoardVitals used the same patient with just slight differences, which changed the diagnosis as well as the treatment plan. This finally made me start thinking in terms of differential diagnoses! I recently had a job interview where they gave me case scenarios to prove myself. I remember hoping for left lower quadrant pain because of all my BoardVital questions! I Skyped with friends, and we all studied together, which helped to reinforce the questions. I've referred BoardVitals to a ton of folks on an NP Facebook site as well as sent your email to many students who are a semester behind me. As one of the people mentioned on Facebook, it's the best-kept secret, which hopefully I can help change. BTW, I passed with flying colors! Thank you!”


“After 40 years as a Radiographer, I let my certification expire. Little did I know that I would need it again. Your test questions and format eased my concerns when taking the exam. Passed the exam yesterday 7/19/2016. ”

Kenneth Tremper

“I have really enjoyed using Board Vitals and have seen a significant increase in my scores since using it. I like the electronic layout, it is easy to use/navigate, and the questions have been on par for the other SHELF exams. ”

Diana W
Medical student

“Thanks to Board Vitals for having a very thorough test bank review about medicine in general and the FNP framework. This was my second time taking the test with ANCC, and I was really happy that I passed. I liked the question bank format and how well they were updated and to the point. Definitively will recommend the program to other NPs who want to succeed after failing a test. ”

Carmenz Reese

“I wanted to thank you and your team for having such a great board review program. I passed this week! I will encourage others to consider utilizing your program to aid in preparing for the boards. ”


“I took the Rad Tec Board Exam twice and, unfortunately, got a 74 both times! Very sad and obviously now, under the gun! My Dad purchased this program for me to help with preparing for my 3rd attempt, and it really helped. I took the Board Exam yesterday and nailed it! Thank you, Board Vitals!”

Stephanie V

“I am extremely happy with the review BoardVitals provided me. The information on BoardVitals prepared me so well that I found the NP exam easy. BoardVitals provides rationales for questions that are awesome and current. BoardVitals enabled me to pass the ANCC exam on my first try. Thank you BoardVitals!”

Angie P

“Thank you Board Vitals. I will not be renewing my subscription as I passed the test last week. Your test bank was a huge help!”


“Just wanted to thank you. Your question bank helped me prepare for and successfully pass Peds MOC. ”


“I found BoardVitals a very useful resource for practice questions. It was frustrating when question answers were incorrect, but the staff was receptive to correction, and I received email responses when I submitted feedback with the "problem with this question" link. ”

“I sat the exam on July 20 and just got my result. I passed my first attempt at 75 questions. I have encouraged persons preparing for the NCLEX exam to use Board Vitals. Your questions are a good representation of the content material needed to ace the NCLEX-RN exam.”

Hermalyn Leslie-Thomas

“I thought the BoardVitals question bank immensely helped me prepare for this exam. Some of the hot topics that were tested on this resource were also tested on my actual exam! I'd highly recommend it to any student prepping for the APMLE1, and I hope it sticks around so it can help me and my class for future upcoming board exams! One area of weakness I'd say is the APMLE Pathology question bank. There were very few questions, and it was probably the least helpful subject question bank. Also, if more biochemistry questions were added, it would be even more helpful. ”

“Board Vitals (BV) was essential for my board preparation. I am not a great test taker, and in order for me to have passed my AP/CP boards, I needed to do a LOT of questions, which is hard to come by (especially for CP). Not only was there a plethora of questions, they were all generally well-written and in the style of the actual boards. The material covered in BV was broad yet helpful in how I should focus my studies. Furthermore, the questions were confidence-boosting in that I actually knew more than what I thought; it was nice to know that I was comparable to my peers—and you will likely feel the same way. Lastly, I got quick and thorough feedback regarding any questions or issues I had about any questions I came across. In summary, BV is a gem that I am thankful for discovering. ”

Aaron D. Shmookler

“I thought BoardVitals was great. I went through most of the questions, and they were pretty similar to the actual questions on Part 1. They were very beneficial, in my opinion.”

“The statistical grading of answering a question incorrectly vs. subsequent choices to find the right answer could be better segregated. I liked the vast majority of questions available to practice with, as it was convenient for review as a practice test. About 1/2 of the explanations to questions were very detailed for EACH answer choice. Most of the answer choices, however, only address the correct answer choice and not the incorrect ones. To better align with our boards exam, perhaps they could make it so that you couldn't go back on questions and only forward (but make it available for review after your complete the question set). Is it possible to further select questions within subjects (i.e. gram-positive cocci within microbio)? This would also be a great platform for a mobile app download and overall a great study tool for boards.”

“Everyone I know has already taken the boards, I was one of the last. But for the sake of feedback, I found board vitals extremely beneficial for my ANCC prep. Thank you!”


“I love it!!!! I recently completed my studies in the family nurse practitioner specialization and I am preparing to take my certification exam soon. I am reviewing systems. I completed HEENT and used Board vitals as a review to test my knowledge of that area. I love it!!! I love the opportunity to study a system then test on that system. ”


“I am highly appreciative for the B. Vitals for presenting easy digestible solid material. It prepares you for the ; FIGHT ; on the D day. It allays your Phobia from the CASES part. You enter the Arena with your head High .”


“Passed my boards. Excellent question bank.”

S. Singh

“Thank you board vitals!!! Just passed the ANCC, out of all the sites that I used, this is truly provided me with the best prep of all. ”

Christine Quinlan

“Very useful preparation for Naplex”

Shawn Reidy

“I have to say that I really am proud of the product Board Vitals provides. As a physician, I have been impressed with the accessibility and internal validity of the questions. The residency training program I work with adopted the product to help residents prepare for board exams and I believe it is a great help. ”

Ryan R. Stratford

“ I tried many websites for studying for this test. It is a very difficult test and this website is a comprehensive study guide for the test. Every question only has one correct answer, however all answers are explained as to why they are right or wrong. In essence, each question is four questions in one. Very good rationale for each question. I highly recommend this website to anyone studying for the PMHNP!! ”

Peggy Wolstein

“I recently purchased one of your fine products and I am quite pleased. I am triple board certified in Neurology, Neuro Critical Care, and Vascular Neurology. I will likely purchase more of your products in the future.”

Robert Neumann

“This by far is the best board review course.”

Stephen G.

“I'm not the best test taker, and I was unsuccessful with my psych boards before. If you can identify, BoardVitals will do the trick. The material, although broad, is high yield oriented, and the questions are definitely comparable to the real thing. After using BoardVitals (both questions and vignettes), I -finally- passed my boards. Highly recommend it. ”

Dr. Guillermo Garcia

“I used BoardVitals for the Adult/General Psychiatric Board exams and found it extremely helpful in identifying areas in which I needed review while reinforcing what I knew. The explanations were clear, succinct, and to the point. Customer service is beyond excellent. ”

John Giannone

“Overall, the questions in the ABPM question bank are very comprehensive. They cover the majority of the topics that may be tested on in the ABPM examination. The explanations that are given after the question are great as well, so you not only learn the right answer but also why the other answers are incorrect. A must have for anyone taking the ABPM examination! ”


“BoardVitals helped prepare me for the National FNP Certification Exam. I was more relaxed answering the questions. The questions, content, and rationales were valuable learning tools. Thanks to BoardVitals, I passed my ANCC Certification Exam!”

Nichole Straughter

“It was FANTASTIC. Thanks to you, I scored in the top third of the country on my GS re-cert exam.”


“BoardVitals was a great resource in preparing for the boards!! Passed on the first try!!!”

Stephanie C.

“BoardVitals' questions were similar to those on the actual exam.”


“Great questions, easy-to-use, better than most, good format, and user-friendly. Do not yet know my results.”

Robert Rand

“Great cardiology questions.”

Jesse Ciaamitaro

“Great resource. It made me so prepared for my boards that I finished my 8-hour exam in 4.5 hrs. My score on the boards is also very good.”

Pradeep B.

“Great web learning tool!”

Farhat Mirza

“Great site with great explanations. ”


“It was very helpful and user-friendly. ”

Grace Patterson

“There was a good collection of questions that helped to reinforce certain topics. It also provided a nice opportunity to mix up my studying, because I couldn't just stare at a book all the time.”

Nathan Copeland

“I wish I had known about it sooner!”

Regina Digiovanna

“The questions were very similar to the NBME Family Medicine Shelf exam. ”

Diana Wilmoth

“I felt that the questions were very similar to the NCLEX, and it adequately prepared me. ”

Farina Afsar

“The program is easy to use, and the reviews of each question were a great resource. ”

Joe Newcomb

“I'll strongly recommend BoardVitals to my friends and colleagues. ”

Felisma Merlande

“I found this site to be extremely helpful. ”

Steven Baumann

“I love BoardVitals.”

Fabre Darline

“The amount of questions to choose from is awesome.”

Ashley Crowell

“Prepared me well. Great questions. ”

Scott Lynch

“Very good so far. Easy to manipulate the areas, good questions so far, and great rationales. The test results show percentages in each category. Good job!”

Deborah Salach

“The questions are a great way to measure your knowledge and to track your progress during preparation for the exam. ”

Bill Cano

“The program was of great benefit to see in what area I was deficient and also to build confidence. ”

Kevin Kahn

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Florence Kwo, Harvard School of Dental Medicine

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Radiology Resident

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Pediatrics resident

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M. Buckley

“Excellent questions with thorough explanations. The question "stems" are longer & more complex than most other board review courses, as are the answer choices. I think that this forces me to be a more focused reader, and is a better reflection of the type and length of question that will be on the real exam.”

Anna M., MD
Emergency Medicine Physician

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“This is GREAT! I studied with a question bank like this for USMLE. Now with my pathology boards looming in my future, I am so glad I found this!”

“I was a contributor and editor to this pathology question bank and have to say that I wish something like this existed for us when we were residents. It is a great way to study for the RISE while in residency, and it's also a great way to prepare for and pass the very difficult AP and CP boards. The images are great, and I especially find the explanations helpful. There is an ongoing process of adding and editing questions, so the bank is growing and improving every day.”

“Good questions & I love the available rationales.”

Gretchen H.

“BoardVitals is new to me but I am very much enjoying it thus far.”

Stephen Smith
Arizona School of Podiatric Medicine

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Denise Kramer

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David Patton, MD
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellow at Duke University

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Thomas Carswell

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Anita Fetzick

“BoardVitals provides one of the best ways to complete board prep in Critical Care Medicine. I am positively impressed by the quality of the questions and breadth of the knowledge being tested by BoardVitals. I wish I had access to a similar question bank in my past and I am very glad this is an option for prospective board takers.”

Krzysztof Laudanski MD, PhD, MA
Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania

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Thomas Carswell

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Zhongxia H.

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S. Paul, MD
Child and Adolescent Psych

“I am glad I used BoardVitals to literally reteach myself years of adult, gyro/OB, and geriatric medicine. The site was wonderful and spot on.”

Pamela Fish

“BoardVitals offers an excellent set of Dermatology Board Review Questions… this question bank has the images, questions, and explanations that together make for an Excellent Dermatology Practice Exam.”

Tamara Lazic, MD, Attending
Department of Dermatology, Mount Sinai

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David Whitmer, MD
University of Missouri

“Just wanted you to know that I passed my boards!!! Very happy! I also wanted you to know that the questions your company offers for the exam are spot on with the test questions on the board. I feel/know that doing the questions was the reason I passed. I don't ever say too much about a product, but this was really good. An area that you might concentrate on a little more is with inducers and inhibitors. There were several questions about that. The roles, policies, and practice questions really helped. I let my instructor know how much I loved this site so it can help other students. I spent a lot of money on reviews, flashcards, and books, but your site was all I needed! Barclay and Fitzgerald do not prepare you like doing these questions prepares you. Just wanted to let you know. Keep up the good work!! ”


“There were some excellently written questions, and there was a good amount of content. I liked the "send feedback" feature on each question (and I used it a lot). ”

Rebecca M. Allen

“Interface and images are the best of all Q-banks. The response by the editors is excellent, and the breadth and depth of explanations are very helpful.”

Taara Hassan

“I signed up for all of the highly used NP review courses such as the APEA online review course, Fitzgerald, Barkley, and Exam Edge. After studying through 1000s of questions from various programs, I believe BoardVitals had the best prep questions. I think any student who completes all of the provided BoardVitals study questions will pass the FNP board exam. ”


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Dr. Cho
Yale University School of Medicine

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Stephen Offutt
DPM, ABFAS Foot and Ankle Certified

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Thomas Carswell

“I tutor students at a local medical school on the weekends and questions are a huge part of my teaching strategy. I've found BoardVitals' questions are excellent teaching tools, because the answer explanations are always on point and provide good clinical context. I would recommend your Step 2 Question Bank to any medical student studying for USMLE who wishes to supplement their core notes and their learning, overall.”

Resident Physician at Glendale Adventist

“The knowledge acquired from working through allows the resident to prepare for the Anesthesiology exam on a firm footing.”

Basavana Goudra, MD, FRCA, FCARCSI
Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

“This is a great collection of Radiography questions, answers, and explanations. It’s clear that only top writers were selected for this qbank”

Janie Perritt
RT, Texas

“This is the only Cardiology Question Bank that pulls together content from so many sources. It’s great to have such an in depth resource for both the boards and the re-certification exams.”

Dr. Thomas Lambert
President, Cardiology Specialists of Nevada

“Very efficient and thorough experience. I would recommend BoardVitals to all my associates.”

Thomas Carswell

“We’ve needed a HemOnc question bank for a while... glad it’s finally here. The topics in your question bank are similar to the HemOnc board exam and I’m grateful for the resource.”

Ben Steuben, MD
Pathology, Hematology, MD Anderson Cancer Center

“BoardVitals is outstanding! Its Internal Medicine question bank for both the shelf exam and the boards is excellent... I had the opportunity to review both question banks, and as someone who has taken both the shelf exam and the boards, these questions are exactly what you need to pass! They will expose the areas in which you are weak, and the explanations will expand your medical knowledge. The questions are challenging and reflect current best practices. I strongly recommend BoardVitals IM exams!”

Sonya Lecuona
Internal Medicine Specialist, Baltimore MD

“I highly recommend they offer an online databank with 1000 questions. Unlike other test prep sites, you can buy only the time you need, by the month, instead of having to buy a whole program. And, with their Money Back Guarantee, you don't have anything to lose.”

David Allen
Pharmacy Student

“The part 1 questions were great! Overall this is a great collection of questions and medical/dental knowledge by dentists for future dentists.”

Jane Shin, former Harvard Dental School Student
Editor for BoardVitals NBDE question bank

“The best way to prepare for the NCLEX-PN is by practicing questions. BoardVitals provides up-to-date and constantly evolving question banks with explanations that help with content remediation. Having access to the question banks on the go is especially efficient. Customization of the bank format allows for a study approach that fits an individuals precise needs.”

Brittany Kronick
Columbia University School of Nursing

“My name is Vania and I graduated from RN school almost a year ago. BoardVitals have been a huge help to me studying for the exam. You're allowed to pick the amount of questions, the type of questions from different categories. So I can make sure I can focus on what I have difficulty in and make sure I remembered the stuff I knew already. BoardVitals is a great source and I would recommend this to anyone who will be taking the RN exam.”

Vania, RN

“Each case is not only completely reflective of the actual exam, but provides you with a detailed description of why the selected answer is correct and why the distractors are incorrect. There is no better way to simulate the NPLEX exam or to test your current knowledge level. This is a great resource in helping you prepare for NPLEX.”

Dr. Chris Habib
ND Naturopathic Doctor and Instructor Creator of

“BoardVitals provides the most efficient way I’ve seen to complete the Nuclear CME requirements. I’m very impressed with the quality of questions and have yet to find another resource that will prepare students as easily and effectively as this question bank.”

Dr. Thomas Lambert, President
Cardiology Specialists of Nevada

“This is a good question bank, the questions are reflective of the knowledge needed to pass the pain boards.”

George Chang Chien, MD
Pain Medicine Fellow at Cleveland Clinic

“Every podiatry student studying should use this tool, extensive Qbank with complete explanations; covering every topic, providing high yield questions. An entire section made only for Podiatry students, this is unique. Thank you. Keep it up!”

Jules Bodo, Podiatrist
Kent State

“Podiatry students have needed question banks for years to study for the APMLE boards. With its user friendly format, questions that come with explanations, and the ability to keep track of your progress, BoardVitals has the potential to become a great resource for podiatry students.”

Megan H.
Samuel Merritt University

“BoardVitals is a really great resource for studying for the boards. Thanks so much for making that possible!”

Dr. Oh
Pathology, Harvard

“I've highly recommended BoardVitals to others in my field taking the recertification exam.”

“There are very few sources of practice questions for the preventive medicine board exam, so this is a big asset to anyone studying for the test. This question bank is up-to-date and covers all the topics that are most likely to be tested on the real exam. The questions really mirror the length and format of the items on the actual test. A highly recommended resource for preventive medicine trainees and those doing MOC!”

MD Certified in Preventive Medicine

“Recommended by classmates as useful for AGNP Board review”


“The questions and answers provided for an overall excellent review of Internal Medicine. I highly recommend this program for a general intensive review of Internal Medicine, an excellent review for the ABIM INTERNAL MEDICINE Boards, and provides for a review by specialty topic at your own pace and convenience. I would highly recommend this program for any Internist interested in keeping up with the new guidelines, etc. Thank you.”

Mary Bernadette Galvin

“Questions are helpful, answers are useful.”

Juliann Wood

“I would recommend your website to anyone. BoardVitals is probably what I spent the most time using while preparing for the boards.”

“BoardVitals has been very effective and efficient in helping me learn child psychiatry.”

Danish H.

“Very easy to sign up, questions are clear and well written despite some minor mistakes. Super helpful for practicing questions and learning how to think when answering them! I doubt I would've passed NPLEX 1 if it wasn't for BoardVitals!! I just wish it had even more questions! Now on to NPLEX 2...Wish me luck!”

MJ, ON Canada

“BoardVitals is an absolute game changer for national board exams. Each question is well curated with detailed explanations of incorrect answers, extending the depth of each question 3-4 fold. I highly recommend BV to be a staple while studying for any national board exam, and will be a repeat customer for future exams as well!”

David Tran
4th Year Podiatry Student

“Our medical school curriculum committee met, and student members expressed their like of the product, including that they really liked the video clips and also felt the questions were more like actual USMLE questions than those in UWorld."”

Rachel R. Walden
MLIS, Associate Dean/Associate Professor

“I took your program just as a refresher. I had already passed the Boards. I think it is marvelous and I will recommend it my colleagues. I really think it will help the candidates pass the Boards. I also think it is a great teaching tool for young doctors and residents.”

Dr. Wadie Tadros
Senior Physician, Department of Pediatrics Associate Medical Director, High Desert Regional Health Center

“I took your program just as a refresher. I had already passed the Boards. I think it is marvelous and I will recommend it my colleagues. I really think it will help the candidates pass the Boards. I also think it is a great teaching tool for young doctors and residents.”

Dr. Wadie Tadros
Senior Physician, Department of Pediatrics Associate Medical Director, High Desert Regional Health Center

“I enjoy it. It is nice that you can do it on the go and get MOC credit. Most questions are very good. There are only a few questions that I think are not well written and I hope do not appear on boards. But overall I have been very satisfied.”

Michael Langan

“The best review course! I love it! It is well organized by key sections. Great questions and elaborate answers for easy understanding and learning.”

Lesego A Goba

“This was an excellent review of Echocardiography… the BoardVitals team has pulled together a good set of resources for many of their question banks.”

Dr. Thomas Lambert
President, Cardiology Specialists of Nevada

“My learning needs for NCLEX-RN preparation were met as all levels of learning were thoroughly explored. Item distractors used were very challenging.”


“Great! Just what I needed to remain re-certified in general pediatrics.”

Anne S.
MD, Pediatrician

“The questions are a great learning resource! I wish I had gotten it sooner! Love it!”

Sandra Greene

“Great rationales! It makes me feel like having an instructor in front of me teaching. I feel energetic and confident after doing BoardVitals. Very educational! Love the rationales.”

Isatu Bayoh
Nursing Student

“The best online NCLEX tool I found for that last minute review. I had three days to cram and I passed!”

Shawna Stephens
Nursing Student

“Amazing and helpful”

Wendy Williams

“I had little time to study, a couple of weeks. I used the BoardVitals testing practice and studied peripheral information as I recognized the need to do so (after reviewing the explanations provided for every test answer). I took the test (9 hours) and passed it. The information and layout of the practice tests were perfect. Thank you very much. This process helped me review areas of medicine and I feel it added to my knowledge and ability to use my knowledge as a physician.”

Dharma Rose

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Dr. Ravi Lakkaraju
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McLaren Flint, affiliate hospital of Michigan State University's colleges of Human Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine

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Anna M., MD
Emergency Medicine Physician

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“BoardVitals [questions] were overall the best for a large board question bank and up to date with references as recent as 2017.”


“Germaine to the IM MOC useful in that regard. Good explanations regarding the negatives as well. Some issues understanding archive vs. grading, vs. MOC hours vs. submit for grading, vs. Continue etc...”

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“Excellent cases...Clear images, differentials, and explanations. Fun to take the exams!!! Wish Boards were as much fun, but BoardVitals will certainly help in the preparation, or in my case, as ongoing CME.”

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