NCLEX PN Board Review Questions

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“The best way to prepare for the NCLEX-PN is by practicing questions. BoardVitals provides up-to-date and constantly evolving question banks with explanations that help with content remediation. Having access to the question banks on the go is especially efficient. Customization of the bank format allows for a study approach that fits an individuals precise needs.”

Brittany Kronick
Columbia University School of Nursing

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NCLEX-PN Board Review Topics Covered:

  • Pediatrics
  • Psychiatry
  • Safety and Infection Control
  • Coordinated Care
  • Physiological Integrity - Basic Comfort and Care
  • Physiological Integrity - Physiologic Adaptation
  • Physiological Integrity - Pharmacological Therapies
  • Physiological Integrity - Reduction of Risk
  • Psychosocial Integrity
  • Health Promotion and Maintenance
  • Med-Surg
  • Maternity
  • Gerontology
  • Leadership-Management

Information about the NCLEX-PN Exam

What is covered on the NCLEX-PN?

According to the 2017 NCLEX PN Test Plan, the following 4 major Client Needs categories will be covered on the exam:

  • Safe and Effective Care Environment
    • „Coordinated Care 18-24%
    • Safety and Infection Control 10-16%
  • Health Promotion and Maintenance 6-12%
  • Psychosocial Integrity 9-15%
  • Physiological Integrity
    • Basic Care and Comfort 7-13%
    • Pharmacological Therapies 10-16%
    • Reduction of Risk Potential 9-15%
    • Physiological Adaptation 7-13%

The BoardVitals NCLEX PN question bank focuses proportionally on the content areas above.

What is Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)?

Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) is a type of computer-based testing used in the NCLEX exams that adjusts the exam’s level of difficulty to the examinee’s ability, resulting in a more valid and reliable measurement of a candidate’s nursing competence. It does so by determining how consistently an examinee can answer questions correctly that are more difficult than the minimum passing standard needed to practice entry level nursing.

How BoardVitals Computer Adaptive Testing Works

Computer Adaptive Testing helps educators gauge a student’s knowledge and readiness by understanding the difficulty level of questions a candidate can answer. The BoardVitals platform is programmed so every time a user answers a question correctly, subsequent questions will increase in difficulty until a question is answered incorrectly. Similarly, questions will get easier as more questions are answered incorrectly. The number and difficulty of questions will vary for each user because the exam is considered complete once the competence of the candidate is determined.

What is Alternate Item Format?

The NCLEX exams include questions in alternate item format, which is an exam question, or item, that does not use a standard four-option multiple-choice format. The following alternate item formats are included in the BoardVitals NCLEX question banks:

  • Multiple response items, requiring examinees to select two or more answers
  • Fill-in-the-blank calculation items, requiring examinees to type in numbers in a calculation
  • Ordered response items, requiring examinees to move options in a certain order
  • Hot spot items, requiring examinees to select an area of a figure to answer the presented problem
  • Audio format items, requiring examinees to select an answer after listening to an audio

The BoardVitals NCLEX PN question bank presents all of the different question types that you will see on the exam.

NCLEX PN Study Tips

Students that we have interviewed suggest that the Physiological Integrity category is the largest portion (seems to be usually about 50% of the exam). So if you have limited time to study, start on that category and then work on the Psychosocial Integrity portion. Lastly, Health Promotion and Maintenance is not highly represented on the exam. The questions in this category seem to be a little bit easier as well. Be prepared for multiple question types.