Preventive Medicine Certification Exam FAQs

Are you preparing to take your Preventive Medicine Certification Exam? In 2015, 94% of those taking the exam passed, make sure you’re in that passing percent. Prepare yourself with all the tools you need to make the grade. Before you jump in, check out some frequently asked questions to help you feel more prepared on what to expect.

How long is the exam?

The ABPM Prevent Medicine Board Exam lasts one day and is broken into two components. The morning section has 150 questions relating to the core topics. The afternoon consists 150 questions targeted to the specialty exam.

What topics do I need to know the most?

Preventive Medicine Core Exam:

  • Health Services Management (Systems-Based Practice) (15%)
  • Epidemiology and Biostatistics (35%)
  • Clinical Preventive Medicine (20%)
  • Behavior and Mental Health (12%)
  • Environmental (18%)

Public Health and General Preventive Medicine Specialty Exam:

  • Health Services Administration (30%)
  • Environmental Health (30%)
  • Biostatistics (10%)
  • Epidemiology (15%)
  • Clinical Preventive Medicine (30%)

What format is the exam?

The questions are all multiple choice, with one single best answer. Questions may include clinical vignettes, an experimental or epidemiological observation, a definition or classification, an administrative problem or an application of a principle or regulation, among other things specialists may encounter in their practices.

What is the best way to study for the exam?

There are many ways to study for the  ABPM Preventive Medicine Exam. A good start is with the ABPM Study Guide. This guide walks you through sample questions, websites, books and tips to target your studying.

As they say, practice makes perfect, and practice questions are a great way to hone your knowledge and skills. BoardVitals’ offers a question bank with more than 600 questions with detailed explanations and references targeted to the ABPM exam. Each question acts as a mini-lecture with the explanations and images to give a comprehensive understanding of the topics. Want some free questions? Check out our practice quiz or a free trial.

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