Preventive Medicine Recertification for Attendings

Preventive Medicine Board Review Question Bank

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“There are very few sources of practice questions for the preventive medicine board exam, so this is a big asset to anyone studying for the test. This question bank is up-to-date and covers all the topics that are most likely to be tested on the real exam. The questions really mirror the length and format of the items on the actual test. A highly recommended resource for preventive medicine trainees and those doing MOC!”

MD Certified in Preventive Medicine

Topics covered in the Preventive Medicine Style Guide

Preventive Medicine Core Exam:

  • Health Services Management Systems-Based Practice 15%
  • Epidemiology and Biostatistics 35%
  • Clinical Preventive Medicine 20%
  • Behavior and Mental Health 12%
  • Environmental 18%

Public Health and General Preventive Medicine Specialty Exam:

  • Health Services Administration 30%
  • Environmental Health 30%
  • Biostatistics 10%
  • Epidemiology 15%
  • Clinical Preventive Medicine 30%

Information about the Preventive Medicine Board Exam:

How long is the Preventive Medicine Board Exam?

The Preventive Medicine certification examination lasts one day and consists of two components: the core examination in the morning, which has 150 questions and the specialty examination in the afternoon which also has 150 questions. Each section is scored separately, but both must be passed in order to earn your certification.

What does the Preventive Medicine Board Exam Cover?

As outlined by the ABPM study guide, the core exam questions cover the basics of Preventive Medicine including epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, and health services management and administration as well as basic content in the three specialty areas of Aerospace Medicine, Occupational Medicine, and Public Health and General Preventive Medicine. The specialty exams will require advanced knowledge in one of these specialty areas.

What are the question formats for the exam?

All questions are multiple choice, best single answer. Specific questions may have a clinical vignette, an experimental or epidemiological observation, a definition or classification, an administrative problem, an application of a principle or regulation, or any situation which might be faced by a specialist in practice. The pass rate for the Public Health and General Preventive Medicine Certification Examination in 2015 was 94%.