Five Free NCLEX-PN® Practice Questions

nclex-pn practice questions

Gearing up for the NCLEX-PN®? See where you stand and try your hand at these 5 free NCLEX-PN® practice questions from the BoardVitals NCLEX-PN® question bank.

How did you do? Practice makes perfect – if you struggled on these questions, keep studying and testing your knowledge with practice questions to address weak points in knowledge areas.

The BoardVitals NCLEX-PN® question bank follows the exam content outline found in the NCSBN NCLEX-PN® Test Plan:

  • Safe and Effective Care Environment
    • „Coordinated Care 18-24%
    • Safety and Infection Control 10-16%
  • Health Promotion and Maintenance 6-12%
  • Psychosocial Integrity 9-15%
  • Physiological Integrity
    • Basic Care and Comfort 7-13%
    • Pharmacological Therapies 10-16%
    • Reduction of Risk Potential 9-15%
    • Physiological Adaptation 7-13%

The BoardVitals NCLEX-PN® Question Bank includes more than 1,650 practice questions to help you prepare for the NCLEX-PN®. Questions are written and reviewed by nurses and nursing educators to ensure that you will be ready come exam day.

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