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Here are some free Family Nurse Practitioner practice questions from the AANP FNP & ANCC FNP BoardVitals question banks.

Family Nurse Practitioner Practice Questions

Question 1. Respiratory

A 45-year-old female with no significant past medical problems presents to your office with a 4-day history of fever and a cough productive of yellow-green sputum. She has had a runny nose, a sore throat, and a dry cough for 2 weeks, which seemed to get better for a couple of days before progressing with her current symptoms. Physical exam is significant for a temperature of 102⁰F and a respiratory rate of 22 breaths per minute. A chest x-ray is shown below. Chest auscultation would most likely yield crackles in which of the following areas?

Chest auscultation x-ray family nurse practitioner practice questions

A. Right Lower Lobe
B. Right Upper Lobe
C. Left Upper Lobe
D. Left Lower Lobe

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Question 2. Integumentary

A 3-year-old male patient is brought to the clinic by his mother who states that he’s had this rash for the past few days. She noticed some brownish-yellow crusting on top of the rash. The patient is up-to-date on his vaccines. The mother denies noticing the patient having any fevers, and states that his level of activity has remained the same. On physical exam, his vitals are within normal limits and he doesn’t have any lymphadenopathy. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?

impetigo rash family nurse practitioner practice questions

A. Strawberry hemangioma
B. Impetigo
C. Erysipelas
D. Herpes Simplex Virus-1 Infection

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