Psychiatry Board Review for Under $100

psych review under $100

Are you preparing for your upcoming board exam? It’s easy to go overboard with spending on review materials. However, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s possible to spend less than $100 for your ABPN Psychiatry Board Review!

Here are some of our favorite board review options that will help you prepare without breaking the bank!

Online Resources for General Reading

Surprisingly, Wikipedia has most of the DSMIV criteria and general outlines of psychiatric disorders for quick review (see this example for bipolar I disorder). Though accuracy of some of the information can always be questioned, DSM criteria are taken straight from the DSMIV-TR.

Practice Psychiatry Board Questions

  • For under $100 you can subscribe to an online interactive question bank with over 1500 ABPN psychiatry board review questions and detailed explanations here. This website allows you to create custom exams by topic and track your progress which can even be broken down by specific subject. There is a great demo video here that shows you how it works.
  • Request old PRITE exams from your residency program director or coordinator. They usually keep the old ones for review.

See our general board review tips for more information about psychiatry board preparation. See a list of PRITE topics here, and a list of commonly overlooked ABPN psychiatry exam topics here.

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