PRITE Review For Psychiatry Residents

prite review

Preparing for the PRITE is a great way to also prepare for the ABPN Psychiatry Board Exam, which we will all eventually take. Daily reading on your patients is of great help when studying, as well as using the list below to make sure you are covering all the topics that will be on the PRITE . Also, doing tons of practice questions like psychiatry board practice questions will guarantee your success.

Here is a list of PRITE Review Topics:

Adult Psychopathology: Involves all of the major diagnoses. The PRITE tends to focus on psychotic disorders, mood disorders disorders and anxiety disorders.

Growth and Development: The PRITE covers infancy through adolescence, adulthood and late life. The key is distinguishing normal behavior from pathological behavior.

Emergency Psychiatry: The PRITE covers the acute stabilization of mental disorders with medications and talk therapy. Common PRITE questions include side effects from medications as well as suicide evaluation.

Behavioral Science and Social Psychology: This includes all of the major theorists of behaviorisim, neuro and cognitive psychology, sociology, anthropological issues, ethology, psychoanalytic and spiritual concerns. These can be fairly easy PRITE questions if you know a bit about them.

Somatic Treatment Methods: Includes all of the major medication treatments as well as ECT, TMS, VNS and DBS. These are VERY common PRITE questions so brush up on psychopharmacology for them.

Patient Evaluation and Treatment Selection: Patient evaluation includes proper diagnosis as well as how to treat specific diagnosis’s.

Consult-Liaison: Includes the treatment of delirium and dementia, and all mental illness secondary to medical conditions.

Forensic Psychiatry: Includes the evaluation of the mentally ill specifically the competency to stand trial and sentencing recommendations.

Alcoholism and Substance abuse: PRITE includes all of the major toxidromes as well as withdrawal symptoms. Treatment includes pharmacological and psychotherapy.

Child Psychiatry: Includes PRITE questions on mental retardation, learning disorders, autisim, ADHD and tic disorders.

Geriatric Psychiatry: Covers all of the presentations of mental illness in advanced age including the nuances in diagnosis as well as treatment.

Psychological Therapies: Includes supportive, cognitive, behavioral, interpersonal, psychodynamic, psychonalytic, couples, family, group, crisis intervention, and sex therapy.

Psychosocial therapy: Includes psychoeducation, rehabilitation, relapse prevention, self-help groups like AA and NA, community based treatments, harm reduction and motivational interviewing.

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