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Neurology MOC

Any seasoned Neurologist knows that the key to passing the Neurology MOC exam is to study. Even with a 95% pass rate, you will need to spend time preparing. If you are starting to get overwhelmed with all the information you will need to know, don’t worry, BoardVitals is here to help. Here are 4 free sample practice questions to get your studies started.

How did it go? Using practice questions to quiz yourself is a great way to get study because it allows you to see what you need to improve on and gives you a feel for what the real exam will be like.

BoardVitals Neurology MOC question bank offers more than 1700 practice questions with detailed explanations and evidence based rationales. Content is suggested based on your strengths and weaknesses, and you can practice in timed mode to simulate the pressure of the real exam. The question bank offers a search feature that allows users to search for specific content areas in preparation for the ABPN MOC in Neurology Exam. Our question bank is targeted to the 10-year ABPN MOC Program and CMOC participant.

The Neurology MOC exam has 220 multiple choice questions in single best answer format. The exam lasts about 5 hours and is divided into four sessions. Each session has 50-60 questions. The exam contains the following topics:

  1. Headache disorders 7–9%
  2. Pain disorders 1–2%
  3. Epilepsy and episodic disorders 9–11%
  4. Cerebrovascular disease 9–11%
  5. Aging, dementia, and neurocognitive disorders 7–9%
  6. Spinal cord diseases 3–5%
  7. Cranial nerve palsies 1–2%
  8. Neuromuscular diseases (adult and child) 9–11%
  9. Movement disorders (adult and child) 9–11%
  10. Demyelinating diseases (adult and child) 3–5%
  11. Critical care 3–5%
  12. Trauma 1–2%
  13. Neurologic complications of systemic diseases 3–5%
  14. Neuro-ophthalmology 1–2%
  15. Neuro-otology 1–2%
  16. Neurogenetics/neurometabolic disorders 1–2%
  17. Neuro-oncology 1–2%
  18. Neuroinfectious diseases 3–5%
  19. Neurotoxicology 1–2%
  20. Sleep disorders 1–2%
  21. Ethics 1–2%
  22. Child Neurology (specific disorders) 2–4%
  23. Interpersonal and communication skills 1–2%
  24. Systems-based practice issues 1–2%
  25. Diagnostic procedures 1–2%
  26. Neurorehabilitation 1–2%

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