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Radiography TechnologistWe heard your feedback requesting additional specialties, and we listened. BoardVitals is excited to announce our newest test bank preparing technologists for the ARRT (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) Radiography Exam.

Providing thousands of review questions for the Radiography exam, this question bank will prepare you for the key areas to be covered on the exam.

BoardVitals questions banks are written by leading Rad Techs who have passed the exam and can help you know what to expect. With our performance tracking, you can count on our question banks to help you understand which study areas you know well and which could use improvement.

The BoardVitals Radiography test bank will ensure you’re well versed in the following areas to be covered on the ARRT Radiography exam:

  • Patient Care 33 Questions
    • Patient Interactions and Management
  • Safety 53 Questions
    • Radiation Physics and Radiobiology
    • Radiation Protection
  • Image Production 50 Questions
    • Image Acquisition and Technical Evaluation
    • Equipment Operation and Quality Assurance
  • Procedures 64 Questions
    • Head, Spine and Pelvis Procedures
    • Thorax and Abdomen Procedures
    • Extremity Procedures


What are BoardVitals students saying?
This is a great collection of Radiography questions, answers, and explanations. It’s clear that only top writers were selected for this qbank. – Janie Perritt, RT, Maine

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