ARRT Exam Review for Radiography (Rad Techs)

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“This is a great collection of Radiography questions, answers, and explanations. It’s clear that only top writers were selected for this qbank”

Janie Perritt
RT, Texas

ARRT Radiography Exam Preparation Tips

The following represents the content outline on the exam:

  • Radiation Protection - 22.5%
  • Equipment Operation and Quality Control - 11%
  • Image Acquisition and Evaluation - 22.5%
  • Imaging Procedures - 29%
  • Patient Care and Education - 15%

Note that patient education includes being able to respond to patient questions about other imaging modalities (MRI, CT, Mammography, Sonography, Nuclear Medicine, and bone densitometry).

There are 200 total questions on the ARRT Radiography Exam. The exam itself focuses on the basics – and is meant to ensure that radiologic technologists are prepared for an entry level position. This means that definitions are tested, and straight-forward questions are the primary focus of this examination. Students frequently remark that there is an emphasis on safety that is higher than many school curriculums. This makes sense given that ~23% of the exam is focused on Radiation Protection.

The BoardVitals question bank mirrors the content allocation that is found on the ARRT exam. Our question bank enables you to select specific categories to study from. You can also create a timed exam from a number of categories to simulate the real test. If you have a limited amount of time, we suggest studying from the Imaging Procedures and Radiation Protection categories.