Top 6 Hardest Addiction Medicine Board Review Questions

addiction medicine board review

With a pass rate of 90% in 2022, the Addiction Medicine Board Certification Exam is no easy feat. If your exam is right around the corner, we suggest preparing with practice questions. To help you get started, see if you can correctly answer the top five most difficult Addiction Medicine Board Review Questions from the BoardVitals Addiction Medicine Question Bank. Among BoardVitals users, these questions were the top 5 that were answered incorrectly the most times out of 700+ board review questions last year. Do you think you can answer all five correctly?  

How did you do? Did you find the questions to be challenging? It may be worth noting that four out of five of these were pharmacology questions, which is part of the core content area that covers 25% of the entire Addiction Medicine board exam.  

About the Addiction Medicine Board Exam 

The Addiction Medicine Board Certification Exam is administered by the American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM) as a subspecialty exam. It is made up of 200 multiple-choice exam questions in which examinees have over 4.5 hours to answer 

To aid in your addiction medicine board preparation, BoardVitals offers an online question bank to help you prepare for the exam. Consisting of 700+ Addiction Medicine board exam questions, the content is mapped out to follow the ABPM’s exam content outline.  

Looking for Addiction Medicine CME?

As an add-on option, this question bank is redeemable for up to 40 AMA PRA Category 1™ Credit(s), so you can simultaneously complete your Addiction Medicine CME requirements as you study. 

The BoardVitals platform allows users to create custom quizzes and access in-depth analytics. It is accessible from a convenient mobile app or through a web browser and each subscription is backed by a 100% Pass Guarantee.  

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