4 Emergency Medicine MOC Practice Questions To Prepare You

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If you’re preparing for your Emergency Medicine MOC exam, you might find yourself stressing over minute details that you used to know like the back of your hand but now can’t seem to remember. You just need to brush up on your skills to make them readily available for exam day. The best way to get in exam shape is through practice questions. We’ve gathered 4 of our highly-rated Emergency Medicine MOC questions for you to try.

Whether you answered them all correctly or stumbled over each one, you’re on the right track with practicing.

The Emergency Medicine MOC (ConCert Exam) is split into two sections and includes approximately 205 MCQs in single best answer format. Exam questions focus on what an emergency medicine physician needs to know when treating patients and the entire exam takes about 5.25 hours to complete. To pass, you need to answer 75% or more questions correctly.

According to the American Board of Emergency Medicine, the topics found on the ConCert exam are broken down as follows:

  • Signs, Symptoms, and Presentations 9%
  • Abdominal & Gastrointestinal Disorders 8%
  • Cardiovascular Disorders 10%
  • Cutaneous Disorders 1%
  • Endocrine, Metabolic & Nutritional Disorders 2%
  • Environmental Disorders 3%
  • Head, Ear, Eye, Nose & Throat Disorders 5%
  • Hematologic Disorders 2%
  • Immune System Disorders 2%
  • Systemic Infectious Disorders 5%
  • Musculoskeletal Disorders (Non-traumatic) 3%
  • Nervous System Disorders 5%
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology 4%
  • Psychobehavioral Disorders 4%
  • Renal and Urogenital Disorders 3%
  • Thoracic-Respiratory Disorders 8%
  • Toxicologic Disorders 5%
  • Traumatic Disorders 10%
  • Appendix I: Procedures & Skills 8%
  • Appendix II: Other Components 3%

The BoardVitals Emergency Medicine MOC question bank features more than 600 questions written to target the aforementioned topics. Each question comes with detailed explanations and rationales for correct and incorrect responses. This provides a “mini-lecture” of sorts for a more comprehensive understanding of the topic covered in that question.

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