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BoardVitals, leading board prep question bank company and CME provider, offers mobile app for iOS and Android. This platform allows users to take their studying with them on the go, with features designed to aid the board preparation process.

With more than 60 question bank specialties available, BoardVitals allows users to study for every subject. This new mobile app provides users with new ways to enhance their studying and replicate test conditions before sitting for their boards.

Whether you have 10 minutes between classes, on rounds, on a commute, or you’ve blocked off bigger chunks of time to focus on practice questions, the new mobile app makes your board prep question banks even easier to access than ever before, both with and without an internet connection. 

Your quizzes created on will sync with your mobile app, so if you start a quiz on the site, you can continue or finish it within the app. 

Features on the BoardVitals mobile app include:

Easy to Use Quiz Tools

boardvitals app quiz tools

With similar testing features to the ones you’ll have access to on the boards, you can nip some of your test anxiety in the bud. The same test features available to you on the day of your exam are now available on BoardVitals:

  • Highlight key points of each question
  • Strikeout answer choices to eliminate distractors
  • Mark a question for later review
  • Make a note for yourself for a specific question
  • Refer to lab values without leaving the app
  • Use the calculator for calculations
  • Submit question feedback to the BoardVitals medical content team

Offline Access Available Everywhere

boardvitals app offline access

The BoardVitals mobile app offers users a convenient offline option. Whether you’re on the plane or on the subway, users can download quizzes so they can study anywhere, any time, with or without internet access. Before you lose access to an internet connection, download your quizzes for offline access. Once you get back online, your questions and answers will sync.

In-Depth Analytics

Answer Response Timeboardvitals app answer response time

Oftentimes we know the answer, but it can take us too long to recall it. On test day, takers have a certain amount of time to answer each question. Even if you get 100% of your answers correct, if it’s taking you too long to answer them, you will run out of time and risk failing your boards. Answer Response Time lets users know how quickly they need to move to get through all questions. This metric is available for individual questions, subjects, and quizzes. 

Overall Peer Rankboardvitals app peer rank

Performance scores only give a certain part of the story. The BoardVitals app Peer Rank metric shows users how they compare to their peers who are currently using BoardVitals to study for the same exam.

Peer Answer Comparisonsboardvitals app peer comparison

Comprehensive evidence-based explanations are augmented with Peer Comparisons so users can see exactly how other users answered the same question, with percentages for each answer choice.

Performance Timelineboardvitals app timeline

Is all your time spent studying improving over time? Your competency changes as you study. The performance timeline allows users to see a visual representation of their performance over time, or drill down to only examine a particular date range. 

Choose from Four Quiz Typesboardvitals app quiz types

Users can custom their quizzes in several different test types, including the new untimed test option.

The four test types are:

Study Mode 

Study mode is similar to an open book quiz without a time limit. In this quiz environment, you can read the explanations as you go and practice at your own pace. 

Test (Timed)

To quasi-simulate the pressure of a test environment, Test (Timed) Mode allows you to study without revealing the correct answers and explanations until the quiz has been completed.  

Test (Untimed) NEW!

Test (Untimed) Mode is like taking a closed book quiz without the pressure of a time limit. Answers and explanations are not available during the quiz.


For NCLEX® students, you can choose to practice in a Computer Adaptive Test mode (CAT). Computer adaptive testing adjusts to your abilities – providing you with either an easier or harder question depending on how you answered the previous question. Now, not only can you create a full-length CAT exam, you can also pick the exact subject breakdown of it, including by body systems and dimensions. This gives you the power to focus on topics where you need improvement, or boost your confidence in your strongest subjects. Available for BoardVitals NCLEX® question bank plans only.

boardvitals mobile app features

The BoardVitals mobile app is available for free download on both the Apple App store and Google Play. Users can report issues to [email protected]

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