Can You Answer These 5 PMR Board Practice Questions?

PMR board practice

Prepping for the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Exam can be both mentally and physically draining. The exam is notoriously tough, with a pass rate of 90% in 2022. To stay in tip-top studying shape, you’ll need to make sure you get enough sleep, eat healthily, and get some exercise in. However, making time for these important things when studying requires you to use your time effectively. Using practice questions to test yourself helps to make the most of your study time. Start studying now with this free practice quiz on Part 1 of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Certification Exam.

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ABPMR Part I Certification Examination

We hope your study muscles are warmed up because the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Part 1 (computer-based) Examination consists of 325 multiple-choice questions. Some questions may test recall of facts while others ask for dissection of more sophisticated diagnostic or treatment evaluations. It is divided into two 3-hour sessions with up to 165 questions a session. The exam follows a breakdown of the following content areas as follows:

Class 1: Type of Problem / Organ System

  • Neurologic Disorders 30%
  • Musculoskeletal Medicine 32%
  • Amputation 5%
  • Medical Rehabilitation 8%
  • Rehabilitation Problems & Outcomes 15%
  • Basic Sciences 10%

Class 2: Focus of Question / Patient Management

  • Patient Evaluation & Diagnosis 31%
  • Electrodiagnosis 15%
  • Patient Management 32%
  • Equipment & Assistive Technology 10%
  • Applied Sciences 12%

For a more detailed breakdown, please refer to the ABPMR Part I Certification Examination Outline.

BoardVitals PMR Question Bank

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Question Bank contains more than 600 board review questions including detailed rationales targeted to Part 1 of the Certification Exam. The questions focus on categories found in the ABPMR Exam content outline such as musculoskeletal medicine, rehabilitation problems & outcomes, patient management, and amputation. You can also customize your practice by category to target weaknesses.

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