Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Recertification for Attendings

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Board Review Questions

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“The PM&R board questions from BoardVitals provide an excellent resource to be able to master the PMR board exam. The questions are challenging and board relevant, allowing the user become competent in all areas of PM&R. Also, the explanations are thorough and provide detailed explanations for not only the correct answer but all the answer choices, providing the user with an excellent understanding of the question. BoardVitals will successfully help you ace the boards!”

John Lavelle
DO board certified Physiatrist

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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Board Review Topics Covered:

  • Neurologic Disorders
  • Musculoskeletal Medicine
  • Amputation, Equipment and Assistive Technology
  • Medical Rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation Problems & Outcomes
  • Electrodiagnosis
  • Applied and Basic Science
  • Patient Evaluation & Diagnosis

Information About the ABPMR Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Part 1 Exam

The PM&R Part 1 Examination is the first step to Board Certification and is a cumulative computer based exam designed to assess a mastery of education in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

The 2016 First-Time Takers pass rate for the PM&R Exam Part 1 was 93.52%.

What topics are covered on the ABPMR Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Part 1 Exam?

According to the ABPMR Part I Certification Examination Outline, the exam covers the topics below:

Class 1: Type of Problem / Organ System

  • Neurologic Disorders 30%
  • Musculoskeletal Medicine 32%
  • Amputation 5%
  • Medical Rehabilitation 8%
  • Rehabilitation Problems & Outcomes 15%
  • Basic Sciences 10%

Class 2: Focus of Question / Patient Management

  • Patient Evaluation & Diagnosis 31%
  • Electrodiagnosis 15%
  • Patient Management 32%
  • Equipment & Assistive Technology 10%
  • Applied Sciences 12%

How long is the ABPMR Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Part 1 Exam?

The test consists of 325 questions, divided into a morning section of 3 hours (165 questions) and an afternoon section of 3 hours (160 questions). The types of question will vary; some may test recall of facts while others ask for dissection of more sophisticated diagnostic or treatment evaluations.

ABPMR Part 1 Exam Tips

In addition to the BoardVitals PM&R Board Review Question Bank, it’s suggested that you also review these 100 free ABPMR Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation practice questions. They include retired questions from past PM&R board exams, but do not include rationales or explanations for the answers.