5 Free Interventional Cardiology Practice Questions

interventional cardiology practice questions

Are you starting to study for your Interventional Cardiology Certification Exam? The pass rate for the exam is 90% but is known to be a challenging test. Don’t panic, there are many things you can do to prepare such as devising a study plan, talking to people who have taken the exam, and testing yourself with practice tests. Practice tests are great indicators to help you identify what topics you need to improve on and what you understand.

Give it a go by answering these Interventional Cardiology practice questions:

How did it go? Hope it didn’t leave you with your heart racing!

The ABIM Interventional Cardiology Certification exam is a one-day exam lasting about 10 hours. It is made up of up to 220 multiple choice questions in single-best answer format.

As outlined in the ABIM Interventional Cardiology Certification Exam Blueprint, the exam is divided into the following:

  • Case Selection & Management (20%)
  • Procedural Techniques (20%)
  • Catheter-Based Management of Noncoronary Disease (13%)
  • Pharmacology (12%)
  • Cardiac Imaging & Assessment (9%)
  • Complications of Coronary Intervention (8%)
  • Basic Science (6%)
  • Anatomy, Anatomic variants, Anatomic pathology (6%)
  • Miscellaneous (6%)

Differentiate how you study. Cardiology boards practice questions are great, but check out these other resources we’ve heard are helpful in preparing for your Interventional Cardiology Board Exam.

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