Can You Stomach These 5 GI MOC Practice Questions?


Is your Gastroenterology Recertification exam coming up? It may be a challenge to get into the routine of studying again like you did back when you were in medical school. Using practice questions to test yourself is a great place to get your study muscles started. Get your studies going by answering these 5 GI MOC sample practice questions.

How did you do? Feeling more in the routine of studying yet? Whether you aced the quiz or fell shorter than you anticipated, more practice will be your key to success.

As you continue your studies, keep in mind that the ABIM Gastroenterology Maintenance of Certification Examination is a 10-hour exam made up of 240 multiple choice questions (MCQs). The exam is divided into four sessions containing up to 60 questions a session.

The BoardVitals Gastroenterology MOC question bank offers more than 700 review questions that are similar to the exam: MCQ’s that focus on patient scenarios, with a single best answer. Every question is categorized to maximize your study time and you can practice in Review Mode or in Timed Mode to simulate real exam conditions. This question bank is also targeted to the AOBIM OCC exam.

Our question bank features different topics from those outlined in the ABIM Gastroenterology MOC Exam Blueprint as follows:

  • Esophagus 12%
  • Stomach and Duodenum 15%
  • Liver 22%
  • Biliary Tract 10%
  • Pancreas 11%
  • Small Intestine 10%
  • Colon 20%

Make the most of your time. As an optional add-on to the Gastroenterology MOC question bank, you can earn up to 35 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™ and 35 ABIM MOC credits simultaneously, while you study for your exam.

Want more free practice? Begin a free trial of our Gastroenterology MOC question bank today!

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