Try Answering These 5 APMLE Part 2 Practice Questions

APMLE part 2 practice questions

Are you preparing for your APMLE Part 2 exam? This test is notoriously hard with a first-time pass rate of 89%. Prepare yourself in the best way by getting a jump on studying.

We’ve gathered five of our most highly-rated APMLE Part 2 practice questions from our APMLE Part 2 Question Bank to share with you. Can you answer them all correctly?

How’d you do? Whether you aced them all and found it easy, or struggled through, you’re ahead of the game by getting started. Practice questions are a great way to identify your strengths and weaknesses to help you focus your study efforts.

The APMLE Part 2 Exam consists 205 questions in four question formats. You’ll find single-answer multiple choice; check all that apply; drag and drop; and image click questions. You can find examples of each format on the APMLE Part 2 Candidate Bulletin. According to the 2023 APMLE Part 2 Exam Content Outline, you’ll find the following topics, broken down as follows on the exam:

  1. Medicine 25%
  2. Medical Imaging 20%
  3. Orthopedics, Biomechanics, and Sports Medicine 20%
  4. Anesthesia and Surgery 28%
  5. Community Health, Jurisprudence, and Research 7%

The BoardVitals APMLE Part 2 Question Bank has more than 1,500 APMLE Part 2 practice questions targeted to the exam. Each question comes with detailed answers, explanations, and rationales that act as mini-lectures for topics you’ll find on the exam. All of the questions have been written and reviewed by recently-certified Podiatrists. Take practice tests with our questions in “review” or “timed” modes to simulate the conditions you’ll be facing on test day. The platform has advanced statistics to help you track your progress. See how you fare compared to the national average within the practice environment.

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