Step Up Your Game with Free APMLE Part 1 Practice Questions

apmle part 1 practice questions

The APMLE Part 1 exam is known to be fairly difficult. With a pass rate of only 85%, this exam definitely requires you to study. But don’t panic, here are some tips. Focus your studies on the following categories: Lower Limb, Pharmacology, Microbiology, and Physiology. During the exam, make sure to answer every question – even if you have to make an educated guess. You don’t lose points for incorrect answers, so take a shot. You can simulate all of this by using practice quizzes when studying. It will give you a feel for the real exam. See for yourself and try out these APMLE Part 1 practice questions:

Try these APMLE Part 1 practice questions:

How did it go? Here are some more tips to know for when you take the exam.

The APMLE Part 1 Exam focuses on general knowledge in the basic science areas. The exam is comprised of 205 questions in four-option multiple choice format. The exam is four hours long. The topics include:

  • General Anatomy – 12%
  • Lower Extremity Anatomy – 25%
  • Biochemistry – 9%
  • Physiology – 12%
  • Microbiology and Immunology – 14%
  • Pathology – 14%
  • Pharmacology – 14%

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