Can You Answer These 5 APMLE Part 3 Practice Questions?

APMLE Part III Practice Questions

If you’re rounding the third and final component of your APMLE exams, you’re probably mixed up with senioritis and stress. The best way to finish the trilogy with your best foot forward, is by taking practice questions. We’ve pulled 5 highly rated APMLE Part III practice questions from our Board Review Question Bank. Can you answer them all correctly?

How’d you do? If you aced it or stumbled over a few, you are on the right track to success on your exam.

The APMLE Part III exam is known to be the easiest of the three exams, but letting your guard down now is a common problem that will leave you underprepared for the exam. By this point, you should be comfortable with the skills covered on this exam. You’ve been studying these topics for awhile now and you have a thorough understanding of the material that will be covered. Keep your knowledge sharp and you’ll be able to recall the right answers easily.

The exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions broken down into the following topics, according to the 2023 APMLE Part III Content Outline:

  • Medicine 28%
  • Medical Imaging 15%
  • Orthopedics and Biomechanics 22%
  • Anesthesia 9%
  • Surgery 26%

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