APMLE Podiatry Boards Part 2 Board Review Question Bank

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“Every podiatry student studying should use this tool, extensive Qbank with complete explanations; covering every topic, providing high yield questions. An entire section made only for Podiatry students, this is unique. Thank you. Keep it up!”

Jules Bodo, Podiatrist
Kent State

Information About the APMLE Part 2 Exam

The APMLE Part 2 exam is a challenging test with an estimated first time test taker pass rate of 89% (2013-2015) (Data taken across several institutions), which is lower than the national average for many of the medical specialties. The written exam is typically considered a harder exam than the CSPE, which is the other necessary part of Part 2. The test does examine some technical elements such as x-ray production, so you will need to be prepared for some elements that are not necessarily taught at core programs. BoardVitals questions do cover some of these topics and include explanations.

What is covered on the APMLE Part 2 Exam?

According to the APMLE Part II Exam Content Outlines, the following topics are on the exam:

  1. Medicine 25%
  2. Medical Imaging 20%
  3. Orthopedics, Biomechanics, and Sports Medicine 20%
  4. Anesthesia and Surgery 28%
  5. Community Health, Jurisprudence, and Research 7%

BoardVitals follows the official exam blueprint and will also prepare you for the pacing of the exam, which is an important element.

How long is the APMLE Part 2 Exam?

The APMLE Part 2 Written Exam is comprised of 205 questions in four different question formats:

  • Single-answer multiple choice
  • Check all that apply
  • Drag and drop
  • Image click

Refer to the Part II Candidate Bulletin for example questions of each format.

Tips on Taking the APMLE Part 2 Exam

BoardVitals suggests the next best question for each test taker individually based on previous performance.

We suggest going through exams in both (timed and review) modes as well as reading explanations, even if the test taker keys the answer correctly.

The BoardVitals qbank is the best known source for questions targeted to the boards, however we also suggest taking a look at Pocket Podiatrics and the APMA videos, especially those videos specifically related to biomechanics and radiology.

The National Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners provides online practice tests on Prometric's site.