FAQs about taking the Psychiatry MOC Exam

Here are some common questions that we are asked regarding the ABPN Approved Psychiatry Board MOC Exam (also known as the Psychiatry Re-certification Exam):

How much does it cost? It is $700 for the application fee and $800 for the exam fee

How long is the exam? It is 5 hours long.

How many questions are there? There are 200 multiple-choice questions.

What is the subject breakdown? 13.3% Mood Disorders, 13.3% Psychotic Disorders, 13.3% Substance-related Disorders, 13% Anxiety Disorders, 13% Personality Disorders, 11% Delirium, dementia, and cognitive disorders, 6% Ethics and forensics, 4% Life cycle and adjustment disorders, 3% Child and adolescent, 3% Somatoform, 2% Eating Disorders, 2% Sexual and Gender Identity, 1% Dissociative Disorders, 1% Impulse-control disorders, 1% Sleep disorders.

Are there neurology questions on the psychiatry board MOC exams? Some neurology subjects ARE present on the MOC exam, these include the cognitive and dementing disorders which actually make up a significant portion of the exam (11%). Otherwise, there are no pure neurology questions on the exam (meaning nothing that is not found in the DSMIV).

How should I prepare for the MOC exam? There are many options out there including textbooks, in-person psychiatry board review courses, and online MOC psychiatry question banks. In general, we believe that you shouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars on your preparation. Use free online resources and books if you have them through your library or professional organization. Do as many practice questions as you can, and make sure you read the explanations carefully. Mark the questions/topics that you got incorrectly and read on those subjects more thoroughly. Also, see our general psychiatry board review tips here.