General Info: ABPN Psychiatry Board Certification Exam

abpn psych exam

For Initial Psychiatry Board Certification

Psychiatry Boards Application is available on ABPN’s website

ABPN Psychiatry Board Exam Format

500 multiple-choice computer-based questions:

-Section A: 125 questions on Basic Concepts in Psychiatry

-Section B: 125 questions on Behavioral Psychiatry, Cognition and Neurology

-Section C: 250 questions on Clinical Psychiatry (mostly comprising of case-based questions and video clip vignettes)


You are given a percentage (0-100) overall and also on each of the 3 sections. You have to pass ALL 3 sections in order to pass overall. The passing score is based on the normalized score during each examination period, so is not published ahead of time.

How to study: Do as many practice questions as you can! Websites like BoardVitals provide an affordable way to prepare on you own time.

For Maintenance of Certification (Psychiatry re-certification)

Application materials are located on the ABPN site


Application fee $700

Examination fee $700

Late application fee $100

($1500 total)

Timeline (2020):

Application deadline: November 25, 2019

Late application deadline: December 2, 2019

Scheduling instructions emailed: November 26, 2019

Psychiatry re-certification MOC Examination: February 4-14, 2020


200 multiple-choice computer-based questions in 5 hours


13.3% Mood Disorders

13.3% Psychotic Disorders

13.3% Substance-related Disorders

13% Anxiety Disorders

13% Personality Disorders

11% Delirium, dementia, and cognitive disorders

6% Ethics and forensics

4% Life cycle and adjustment disorders

3% Child and adolescent

3% Somatoform

2% Eating Disorders

2% Sexual and Gender Identity

1% Dissociative Disorders

1% Impulse-control disorders

1% Sleep disorders

*This post is for informational purposes only and was adapted from the information on the ABPN website. We cannot guarantee accuracy, so please refer to their website for the most up-to-date information on the psychiatry board certification exam.

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