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The Child Psychiatry MOC exam is around the corner. Are you ready for it? First thing first: don’t panic. You’ll then want to figure out what you need to know and make a study schedule. Next, you should quiz yourself with practice questions. The best way to test what you know is by using a practice test. It shows you what topics you need to improve on and gives you a feel for what the real exam will be like. Even though the average pass rate for this exam is 95%, you are still going to want to spend some time studying to ensure that you will pass.

Start off with this free sample quiz. Can you answer these practice questions?


How did it go? Whether you are happy with your score or want to improve it, you are on the right track to acing your exam.

The ABPN Child and Adolescent Psychiatry MOC Exam is a computer-based exam that consists of 200 multiple-choice questions. The question formats consist of both stand-alone and vignette questions. Stand alone are single best answer MCQs that are not associated with any other questions and vignette questions are a series of questions that are linked to a common case.

The exam is divided into four parts, plus a one-time safety course, with 30-57 questions in each section. The four sections cover Professional Standing, Self-Assessment and CME, Cognitive Expertise, and Performance in Practice. The exam lasts approximately 4 hours with the option for breaks between each section.

BoardVitals Child Psychiatry MOC question bank gives you access to 800 practice questions targeted to the latest Child Psychiatry Blueprint. Every question comes with a detailed explanation and rationale. You can practice in review or test modes. BoardVitals is the most used online course for the Child Psychiatry recertification exam.

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