8 Free AG-ACNP Practice Questions for the ANCC & AACN Exams

AG-ACNP Free Practice Questions

Are you preparing for the ANCC or the AACN Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Board Exam? No matter which exam you are studying for, BoardVitals has an option for you, with two AG-ACNP question banks, each tailored to the ANCC or AACN exams. These banks feature practice questions with detailed explanations and references to help you study for the certification exam. Try your hand at four Adult Gerontology Acute Care NP practice questions from both AG-ACNP question banks to see if you’re ready to take the exam.

How’d you do? Whether you totally made the grade or left room for improvement, keep practicing questions to get a comprehensive understanding of all the topics covered on the adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner exam.

Here’s what you’ll need to cover on each of the exams:

ANCC content breakdown:

  • Core Competencies 23%
  • Clinical Practice 45%
  • Professional Role 32%

AACN content breakdown:

  • Clinical Judgment 80%
    • Cardiovascular 15%
    • Pulmonary 11%
    • Endocrine 5%
    • Hematology/Immunology/Oncology 6%
    • Gastrointestinal 3%
    • Renal/Genitourinary 5%
    • Integumentary 1%
    • Musculoskeletal 4%
    • Neurology 7%
    • Psychosocial/Behavioral/Cognitive Health 3%
    • Multisystem 14%
  • Professional Caring and Ethical Practice 20%
    • Advocacy/Moral Agency 3%
    • Caring Practices 3%
    • Response to Diversity 3%
    • Facilitation of Learning 1%
    • Collaboration 3%
    • Systems Thinking 3%
    • Clinical Inquiry 3%

The BoardVitals ANCC AGACNP Question Bank has more than 1,950 questions. Similarly, the AACN AGACNP Question Bank features more than 1,900 questions. These questions all come with detailed explanations and references. Explanations are broken down for both correct and incorrect answers to provide users with a “mini-lecture” on each topic covered in the question.

“I think these questions provide an excellent review for the AGACNP exam. The body system/category grouping allows individuals to focus on specific areas of concern or to take a variety of questions more like the actual exam. The explanations are helpful and provide a good rationale and learning points. I would suggest that users use this resource for several months prior to their exam in order to master the content and to get used to taking a lengthy exam such as the AGACNP exam. This would also be an excellent resource for schools to prepare their students for the exam and to increase their pass rate,” Kristen Wright, AGACNP-C said.

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