4 AGPCNP Free Practice Questions for the ANCC Exam

AGPCNP Free Practice Questions

Just started studying for your Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Board Certification Exam?  Whether you’ve been reviewing for months or just started thinking about studying, who doesn’t love some free questions? Try these 4 AGPCNP free practice questions from the BoardVitals AGPCNP question bank. The question bank contains approximately the same distribution of topics found on the actual exam.

How did you do on these AGPCNP Free Practice Questions? Whether you aced it or missed them all, you need to widen your practice to properly prepare. The BoardVitals AGPCNP question bank has more than 1,850 questions with detailed explanations written and reviewed by top performing NPs and clinicians who have recently taken the exam.

The AGPCNP exam has 175 questions, with only 150 actually scored (you won’t know which 25 questions aren’t being scored, unfortunately.) These questions can be formatted as multiple choice, multiple response, drag and drop or hot spot. Because of the variety of different question types, understanding the material is essential. The explanations found accompanying each question in the BoardVitals bank will act as a mini-lecture so you can comprehensively understand the concept covered in that particular question.

The ANCC AGPCNP exam covers:

  • Core Competencies 23%
  • Clinical Practice 45%
  • Professional Role 32%

With a question bank targeted to covering all of these topics, you are sure to ace the AGPCNP exam.

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