6 Best Blogs/Sites for the Surgery Board Exams

surgery board exams

Every year we spend time talking to Surgeons who took their boards – what worked well and what didn’t. Without fail, the average study time for the initial certification is well over 150 hours. Here are some of the best resources that students have told us about:

1) Student Doctor Thread #1: ApolloCME has compiled a fairly comprehensive list of review courses, question banks, and DVD programs. Some are hit or miss, but at least it’s the most complete list that we’ve found. In addition to these resources, we suggest using the Fiser book.

2) The American Board of Surgery pages: ABS Certification Page and What to Expect

3) Student Doctor Thread #2 : While this particular post is a couple of years old, the advice is still highly relevant. As one of the posts indicate – “There were a lot of questions covering ob/gyn, ortho, urology, plastics” This was true for my board exams as well.

4) General Surgery News The post highlights very common reasons why Surgical Residents fail the Oral Board Examinations. It’s worth a quick read if you’re worried about that part of the exam.

5) The Columbia PDF on Oral Reviews (though not a bad idea to look at these concepts for the written exam as well)

6) Free trial questions for BoardVitals. The full subscription offers over 1400 questions.

Good luck on your boards!

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