6 Best Blogs/Sites for the Surgery Board Exams

surgery board exams

Every year we spend time talking to Surgeons who took their boards – what worked well and what didn’t. Without fail, the average study time for the initial certification is well over 150 hours.

While it may be overwhelming to study for the boards, there are countless resources available to you. Here are some of the top online resources for those preparing for the surgery board exam:

1. Student Doctor Forums

Connecting with fellow students and healthcare professionals gives you a new outlook on the medical field. The Student Doctor Network offers forums for medical students, doctors, and everything in between.

2. The American Board of Surgery

Have questions about certification? Find answers right at the source! Some of the most informative pages are the ABS Certification Page and What to Expect section.

3. CMEList Surgery Board Reviews

CMEList, a resource for providers seeking continuing education options, also offers board review options and additional online surgery resources.

4. General Surgery News

General Surgery News is a monthly newspaper that keeps surgeons informed of the latest developments in the field of surgery. Print and online subscriptions are available.

5. Surgery Podcasts

Tired of reading about surgery? Put your headphones on and take a listen to one of the top surgical podcasts. These medical podcasts range from surgical stories to lessons for students.

6. BoardVitals Surgery Question Bank

One of the best ways to prepare for the boards is by taking practice questions. BoardVitals has plenty – more than 1,050 formatted to the test specifications you’ll see on exam day. A free, no credit card required trial is available.

Good luck on your boards!

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