Can You Answer These 5 Surgery MOC Practice Questions?

surgery moc

Are you scrambling to complete your Surgery MOC credits and/or reviewing for your MOC Exam? We’ve got you covered. Try your hand at these five free practice questions from our Surgery MOC Question Bank.

How’d you do? Did you get them all right? Even if you stumbled over one or more of these, you’re well on your way to targeting your troublesome areas and remedying them.

The ABS Surgery MOC Exam consists 200 multiple choice questions designed to assess a surgeon’s cognitive knowledge and clinical judgment during surgery. According to the ABS Surgery MOC Exam Content outline, the exam is broken up as follows:

  1. Head and Neck 2%
  2. Breast 6%
  3. Alimentary Tract 20%
  4. Abdomen 15%
  5. Vascular System 7%
  6. Endocrine 2%
  7. Trauma 13%
  8. Perioperative Care 20%
  9. Surgical Critical Care 6%
  10. Oncology** 1%
  11. Skin/Soft Tissue 1%
  12. Legal/Ethics 1%

These questions came from the BoardVitals Surgery MOC question bank which features more than 1000 more like them. Each question comes with detailed explanations and rationales for correct and incorrect responses for a more comprehensive understanding of the topic. All of the questions are targeted to the ABS General Surgery Secure MOC Exam. Earn up to 60 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits and 60 ABS MOC/SA Credits simultaneously as you study.

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