4 Free Orthopedic Surgery Practice Questions for Certification

orthopedic surgery practice questions

Think you’re ready for your Orthopedic Surgery Board Exam? Our Orthopedic Surgery board review question bank with more than 500 Orthopedic Surgery practice questions targeted directly to the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) and American Osteopathic Board of Orthopedic Surgery (AOBOS) Written Certification Exams. Try your hand at these 4 free top rated practice questions to see where you stand.

How did you do? Whether you aced them all or missed a few, you can always use more practice. The ABOS and AOBOS exams are broken into the following categories:

ABOS Orthopedic Surgery Board Exam:

  • General Principles (12-14%)
  • Spine(13-15%)
  • Upper Extremities(28-30%)
  • Lower Extremities(32-34%)
  • Multiple Sites/Systemic/Other(7-9%)
  • Neoplasms (including staging)(6-8%)

AOBOS Orthopedic Surgery Board Exam:

  • Foot/Ankle (10-11%)
  • Hand/Upper Extremity (10-12%)
  • Joint (11-14%)
  • Pediatrics (9-11%)
  • Sports Medicine (11-13%)
  • Spine (9-11%)
  • Trauma (11-14%)
  • Tumor (4-6%)
  • Infection (5-6%)
  • Basic Science (12-16%)

The Orthopedic Surgery question bank divides the questions based on these topics so you can hone in on topics in which you struggle. These questions are written and reviewed by physicians who have recently taken the board exam.

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