What’s in a Radiologist’s Bag?

Ever wonder what’s in a Radiologist’s bag? Besides your favorite tibia selfie? Favorite submitted Radiologist comment on this post: ‘I find this humerus’

How to Recognize a Psychiatrist’s Bag – Board Vitals

Ever wonder what’s in a Psychiatrist’s bag? (besides your favorite stress ball?)

How to Recognize a Pediatrician’s Bag by Its Contents – Board Vitals

Ever wonder what’s in a Pediatrician’s bag? Every pediatrician walks around with a box of clown noses, right??? Other Pediatrician Humor from the Web! —–from reader’s digest—- We brought our newborn son, Adam, to the pediatrician for his first checkup.

How to Recognize a Pathologist’s Desk – Board Vitals

How to recognize a Pathologist’s desk? (well, besides your favorite old tissue sample) More Pathology Humor: Four docs went on a duck-hunting trip together: a family practitioner, a gynecologist, a surgeon, and a pathologist. As a bird flew overhead, the

How to Recognize an Obstetrician’s Bag – Board Vitals

Ever wonder what’s in an Obstetricians bag? Other OB humor: A hospital posted a notice in the nurse’s lounge saying: “Remember, the first five minutes of a human being’s life are the most dangerous.” Underneath, a nurse had written: “The

Board Vitals CME Announcement

Announcement: Board Vitals is in the application phase for being able to issue CME credits by year end 2014. The purpose of the ACCME accreditation requirements is to set expectations for accredited providers that ensure CME is independent, based on

How to Have a Life While Preparing for the NCLEX-RN Exam

Guest Post: The Self Employed Nurse The Reality of Nursing School Admission into most nursing programs is highly competitive process. When you receive your letter of acceptance into a program the experience can parallel winning the lottery. Later, toward the

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New Psychiatry Vignette Board Review Format in 2014

For those of you gearing up to take the Psychiatry boards, the new format is challenging. The style of the exam is a case introduction, video, and then multiple choice or multiple select options. You can find sample questions directly

Neurology Board Review Practice Questions

The Neurology Board Exam can be a challenge, but generally has a pass rate around 90%. Although this is higher than most board examinations, it’s important to review key concepts to stay out of the 10%. Below are sample Neurology

Radiology Board Review Practice Questions

Although the Radiology Board Exam has an average pass rate around 90%, it should be well prepared for. Going through a question bank that has content suggestions can help identify weak spots.  Below are some sample Radiology Board Questions to help

Gastroenterology Board Review Practice Questions

The GI Board Exams have a pass rate around 94%, but you are definitely going to need to prepare . For this type of exam, it’s best to focus on the core material – make sure you know the basics,

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Board Review Practice Questions

The Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Board Exam generally has a fairly high pass rate compared with the general Psychiatry Boards, which tend to be more difficult.  Quickly going through a question bank can help identify weak spots. Below are a couple

Surgery Board Review Practice Questions

The Surgery Board Exam can be very difficult, with a pass rate dipping as low as 75%. It’s also a very lengthy exam, lasting approximately eight hours. Drilling large question blocks will help the applicant prepare for the length and

Psychiatry Board Review Practice Questions

The Psychiatry Board Exam is on the difficult side, with a pass rate dipping as low as 75%. Additionally the new board exam has a section of video vignettes/cases that are a new format. It’s important to train on these

Family Medicine Board Review Practice Questions

The Family Medicine Board Exam is one of the more difficult specialty exams, with a pass rate often near 75%. In part, the exam is difficult because of the scope of information… covering many specialties is not easy, and Family

OBGYN Board Review Practice Questions

OBGYN is one of the more difficult exams, with some years coming in at a 74% pass rate. It’s also a specialty with few good study resources. We offer several OBGYN – Obstetrics and Gynecology – sample board questions below.

Internal Medicine Board Review Practice Questions

The difficulty of the Internal Medicine Board Exams is the breadth of knowledge that physicians are required to know. We tend to see the pass rate hover around 84%. However, there are years when the pass rate is clearly higher.

Pediatric Board Review Practice Questions

The pass rate of the Pediatrics Board Exams seem to vary year to year. Some years, we’ll see rates of 78%, and other years the pass rates are in the nineties. In Specific regards to the test, the examination consists

Pathology Board Review Practice Questions

The Pathology Board Exam is a notoriously difficult test. In some years, Pathology board pass rates have been as low as 68%. This is a significantly lower rate than many of the other exams. We suggest several textbooks for the

Cardiology Board Review Practice Questions

The Cardiology Board Exam is a difficult test, but the content is very learnable. The average pass rate is ~90% over the past several years, which happens to be higher than most of the other Medical Specialty Boards. On the