Free Question Guide for the USMLE Step 2 and Step 3 Exams

We put together a guide of tips for the USMLE Step 2 and Step 3 exams. All of the contributors to the text scored in the top 1% of their own Step exams. This is a great way to break

Psychiatry Vignette Sample Questions (Part C)

The following is a sample taken from the Board Vitals Psychiatry Vignette Question Bank. Note that on the real exam, students are not allowed to rewind the videos, or move backwards and forwards between the questions. This type of question

Board Exam National Pass Rates Versus Board Vitals Pass Rates

We regularly receive requests to compare performance on our question banks to performance on the actual exams. On the actual exams, the percent correct needed to pass varies from year to year. However, we can tell you the average correct

FAQs about taking the ENT Recertification exam

Here are some common questions that we are asked regarding the ENT (Otolaryngology) MOC Exam: When can I take the ENT MOC Exam? MOC runs on a ten-year cycle for each individual. You may take the MOC exam any time

New Maintenance of Certification Question Banks

In an effort to support practicing physicians that have to sit for the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Exams , Board Vitals has launched a series of MOC question banks that are specifically targeted to the re-certification type questions that MDs

Radiology Non-Interpretive Skills Sample Questions

Core Exam The CORE is a computer based exam, image heavy, and is two days long. Students MUST PASS EACH SECTION in order to receive a pass on the entire exam. This exam is administered 3 years after the beginning

FAQs about taking the Psychiatry MOC Exam

Here are some common questions that we are asked regarding the Psychiatry Board MOC Exam (also known as the Psychiatry Re-certification Exam): How much does it cost? It is $700 for the application fee and $800 for the exam fee

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Family Nurse Practitioner Board Review Practice Questions

These are free sample practice questions selected from the Board Vitals Family Nurse Practitioner Question Bank. Sample Family Nurse Practitioner Board Review Questions Question 1: Pharmacology ID 20266 A 53 year-old female with recently diagnosed hypertension presents to her primary

Emergency Medicine Board Review Practice Questions

These free EM practice questions are selected from the Board Vitals emergency medicine board review study guide. Sample Emergency Medicine Questions Question 1. ID 30856 What is the most common area for anterior epistaxis? Kiesselbach’s plexus Woodruff’s plexus Sphenopalatine foramen

Pharmaceutical Calculations on the NAPLEX Exam

One of the biggest challenges I faced and a point of confusion going into the NAPLEX was concerning calculations. Personal calculators are not permitted during the NAPLEX. I thought that the NAPLEX calculations would either not require a calculator or

How to Pass the 2015 Internal Medicine Shelf Exam

The Internal Medicine Shelf Exam is definitely one of the more difficult ones. The concepts are not particularly tricky – there aren’t many oddball Clinical presentations as the NBME tends to keep it straightforward. The difficult part of the exam

NAPLEX Exam Practice Questions

These are selected free practice questions from the Board Vitals NAPLEX question bank. Sample NAPLEX Exam Questions Question 1. Nervous System ID 34244 Which one of the following is not an etiology of provoked seizure? Hypoxia Sleep deprivation Fever Hyperglycemia

How To Breakdown and Analyze A NAPLEX Exam Question

When first analyzing a question, I always read the entire question first without looking at the answers. The first answer that pops into your head is usually correct. If your initial answer is an answer listed go with that and

How to Pass the 2015 Gastroenterology Board Exam

The GI exam does have a fairly high pass rate (usually over 90%). But there are still people that fail. It’s important to look at factors that can help pull you above that bottom 10%. Advice for the GI Board

How the Role of the Health Science Librarian Has Changed

I had the pleasure of talking to well over a hundred health science librarians and program directors this year at MLA. Health science librarians are sharp – it’s a group that has adapted well to the needs of students over

Top Categories to Study on the Internal Medicine Board Exam

The Internal Medicine Board Examination (IMBE) is getting tougher. There is more and more information, and there are breakthroughs in internal medicine, to add to the growing body of knowledge and for potential inclusion in the IMBE. There is no

5 of the Most Overlooked Topics on the Radiology Board Review

Here are some of the topics that people least expect to show up on the radiology boards, but they are important and are likely to show up on Core exam day. We will be posting more in future posts, but

The 5 Hardest Sections on the Emergency Medicine Boards

The five most difficult areas of the Emergency Medicine Boards are usually going to be the five areas that you spent the least time reviewing, reviewed in the most distant period, or that you just never quite understood. If there

How to Pass the 2015 Pediatric Shelf Exam

The Pediatric Shelf Exam is probably one of the easiest shelf exams in my opinion. There are great prep resources as well as a lot of available information about the exam. However, there is typically a time crunch on this

Top 10 Hottest Study Topics for the ABOto Exam

Preparing for the ABOto Qualifying Exam is a daunting task. It is both overwhelming and impossible to master every testable topic. In many respects, the exam is very similar to the ABOto In-Training Exam in that it is unpredictable! After