Top 7 Resources for the NBDE I Exam

NBDE 1 Exams

The NBDE I exam is a review of the many of the basic science fundamentals as well as introductory concepts in Dental Anatomy. Here are the four categories that are on the exam:

  • Anatomic Science
  • Biochemistry/Physiology
  • Microbiology/Pathology
  • Dental Anatomy/Occlusion

Where to start?

There is a strong correlation between the number of NBDE practice questions taken and performance on the NBDE exams. Take the time to review the material (flashcards and books to cover the basics) and then try to answer as many questions as possible. The questions on the actual NBDE range in difficulty, so make sure to practice on some of the faster questions, as well as the more in-depth Occlusion questions. Pathology is one of the harder sections for many students, so make sure to allocate sufficient study time there.

The ASDA sells released examinations with actual questions from the NBDE.  DO THEM! Then move onto other question banks. Here is a set of resources that we personally reviewed.

  1. BoardVitals – online question bank. Starts at $69/month for NBDE I. 1000 questions with detailed explanations; used by more institutions than any other NBDE Question Bank.
  2. 51VS2X3L8ZL._SX382_BO1,204,203,200_Dental Board Busters – book. Used from $25.
  3. Dental Decks Part 1 – Fashcards. $230 plus shipping and handling. 1300 flashcards/fact type reviews
  4. Kaplan – Book & Online. $699 (3 months) or $999 (6 months)
  5. NBDE Part I Secrets – Book. $50. While the ADAnet site doesn’t offer many questions, it is good to get used to the style of the questions that will be on the exam.
  6. Crack the NBDE – Online Questions. $79-$99. 800 questions, some have images.
  7. First Aid Q&A for NBDE – Mobile App. $44.99. Free to download, with an in-app purchase.
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