Top Resources for the Sleep Medicine Board Exam

patient in sleep medicine study with breathing device

The ABIM Sleep Medicine board exam is a notoriously difficult test, with a pass rate of just 88% in 2021. As you study for the Sleep Medicine boards, you are likely wondering which preparation books and courses are worth your time, energy and money. We’ve compiled the best time-tested Sleep Medicine resources to help you get ready for test day. 

  1. The BoardVitals Sleep Medicine Question Bank is a great resource for board review questions. This question bank follows the exact content outline you will see on the exam. Containing more than 700 practice Sleep Medicine test questions, this bank includes detailed explanations for correct and incorrect responses. A free trial is also available.
  1. Focus on Sleep Medicine by Dr. Teofilo L. Lee Chiong Jr. This thorough and highly-focused book contains questions and answers on complex concepts you can expect to find on the test. Focus on Sleep Medicine is also useful to physicians in other practice areas who want to test their knowledge of sleep disorders. 
  1. AASM’s ‘International Classification of Sleep Disorders’ is a must-have for any candidate preparing to take the exam. This book includes the classification, diagnosis criteria, pathology and pathophysiology for all known sleep disorders. AASM offers a wealth of resources for members and non-members.  
  1. Sleep Medicine Pearls by Dr. Richard R. Berry. Want to hear directly from the source? Dr. Berry is one of the doctors who has helped contribute questions to the board exam. In this text he offers highly useful case reviews preceded by quick informational blurbs on each case. 
  1. Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine by Dr. Meir H. Kryger. A must-have in any sleep physician’s bookcase, this is a standard reference textbook on diagnosing, treating and understanding the pathophysiology of sleep disorders. It is a great reference as you complete your test prep.  
  1. Review of Sleep Medicine by Dr. Alon Y. Avidan. A comprehensive ABSM study guide in a review and self-assess format. This text includes many helpful lists and tables highlighting key points. 
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