The All-New BoardVitals Web Platform: New Features and a New Look

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You asked…we listened! In early 2020, we launched our much anticipated mobile app and since then we’ve been working extra hard on redesigning the BoardVitals web platform to include new features and tools. This new design takes into account end-user and institutional administrator feedback we’ve collected and analyzed over the years. 

We’ve overhauled our web platform with a world-class design interface that improves usability and access and we’ve added dozens of new features so users can replicate test conditions and track their studying progress. In addition, our web platform now works in concert with and matches styling & features you can find in our mobile app.

All of the features and functions you know and love from BoardVitals are still available but now come in an easy-to-navigate interface that provides users with new ways to enhance their studying and replicate test conditions before sitting for their boards.

Here are just some of the new features on the BoardVitals web platform.

Streamlined Dashboard

When you login, the first thing you’ll see is the new streamlined dashboard which gives you easy at-a-glance access to everything you need to prepare for your boards. Your dashboard focuses on the question bank that you’re working in, so you can return from a study break without spending extra time scrolling through pages to pick up where you left off. 

With just a few clicks, you can toggle between question banks, start a new quiz, view your most recent quizzes, and see performance metrics to see how you are improving. 

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New Custom Quiz Creation Options

As always, BoardVitals users have had the ability to customize practice quizzes by selecting features such as the question status, difficulty levels, select subjects, and timed or untimed quiz modes. Now, users can further tailor their quizzes to meet their individual needs with additional new features such as:

  • Untimed Quiz Mode: The Untimed Test provides a closed book experience (answers and explanations are hidden until you complete the quiz), but you aren’t under the pressure of a ticking clock.
  • Question Status: In addition to creating quizzes made up of All, Unanswered, or Incorrect questions, users can now create quizzes comprised of Marked and Unseen questions.
  • Keyword Search Filter: Add questions to your custom quiz that contain specific keywords of your choice.
  • Custom CAT Test by Subject (NCLEX® plans only): Our NCLEX® users love the ability to create an unlimited number of full-length Computer Adaptive Test (CAT) practice quizzes. Now you can choose to create a CAT exam only on select subjects where you want more practice or across all subjects. This gives you the power to focus on topics where you need improvement or boost your confidence in your strongest subjects.

Quiz Tools

The best way to prepare for your board exam is to familiarize yourself with the tools you’ll see on the test. The same tools available to you on the day of your exam are now available on the new BoardVitals platform. These features allow you to simulate the experience you’ll have in the testing center:

  • Highlight key passages of the question
  • Strikeout answer choices to eliminate distractors
  • Mark a question to come back to it later
  • Make a note for yourself for a specific question
  • Access a list of standard Lab Values
  • Use an on-screen scientific calculator

Question List Navigation

Our new Question List allows you to easily navigate through all available questions in your question bank. 

You can quickly preview the set of questions in your quiz to see which are still unanswered, view ones you’ve marked, and more. For added convenience, the Question List slides in and out over the quiz interface, so you never need to leave your quiz.

Detailed Explanations with Performance Insights

As always, our questions include comprehensive, evidence-based explanations to help you understand the reasoning behind correct and incorrect answers. These explanations now include valuable performance statistics: 

  • Peer Comparison: What percentage of users chose the same answer choice as you? Our comparison feature breaks down how other users answered the question. 
  • Response Time: Spend too much time answering each question and you risk running out of time to complete your exam. Keep track of the amount of time you took to answer each question in your quiz.
  • Difficulty Level: Your board exam will be made up of questions of various difficulty levels. To help you prepare, our questions also range from easy to hard. With this insight, you’ll see whether your question ranks as easy, moderate, or hard.

Performance by Subject

Understanding where you need to improve is vital for properly preparing for your board exams. BoardVitals features includes Performance statistics not only on individual quizzes but also on a Subject level to give you a better sense of your overall performance. These statistics will highlight your strongest and weakest areas.

Data found in our new Statistics Reporting feature are only based on Test Mode (closed book) quizzes. Because we exclude Study Mode quizzes, we ensure that the scores you see accurately reflect your true subject comprehension.

Performance Timeline

As you study, your competency changes and your performance stats should reflect that. The Performance Timeline provides you with a visual representation of your quiz performance over time. This data is based only on Test Mode quizzes.

Answer Response Time Statistics

Knowing the topics at hand is just half the battle when it comes to passing your boards. Because the exam is timed, you must be able to answer as many questions as possible in the allotted time frame. 

Now, you can measure and assess your speed in answering questions. Our Answer Response Time tool measures the amount of time you spend answering each question in your custom quiz. While a quiz score is a measure of your accuracy, Answer Response Time indicates your fluency of the material. Combining these two metrics gives you powerful insights to assess your readiness. In addition to knowing your response times, you can also compare these times to the board exam average. This feature lets you know exactly how fast you will have to move to answer questions on test day. 

Reset All Question Banks

While the BoardVitals platform is designed to allow users to compare their progress over time, there are times when you may want to start from scratch. If you accidentally submitted a quiz for grading, you now have the ability to archive an exam so that it is no longer included in your performance. 

For users who want to start over after a long study break, there is an easy way to reset your account. Resetting your account removes all answers and performance stats, giving you a clean slate as you resume preparing for your board exams.

We hope the new web platform and features from BoardVitals make it easier than ever to prepare for your board exam. We’re always striving to make improvements and after all, we made these new enhancements based on feedback and suggestions from YOU. Let us know what you think and stay tuned as we roll out even more exciting new features soon. 

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