16 Ways to Style Your Scrubs into a Halloween Costume 

doctor dressed in superhero costume

Halloween is fast approaching. For those working with patients on the 31st, you don’t need to miss out on the fun! A pair of medical scrubs can be the perfect base you need for a great costume. Here are 16 ways you can style your scrubs to show a little spooky spirit this Halloween.


Want to sweeten your look? Break out your red scrubs and your favorite green hair bow for a fresh take on this classic fruit. 

Get the Look: 

  • Pink or Red Scrubs 
  • Tape or Safety Pins for “Seeds” 
  • Green Hair Bow 


Be the pineapple of every patient’s eye with a few easy hairpieces.  

Get the Look: 

  • Yellow Scrubs 
  • Yellow Headband 
  • Green Hair Bow 

Halloween Pumpkin 

Pumpkin Spice is everywhere – inject it into your Halloween look! Simply toss on a green hair bow and optional tutu to look anything but basic. 

Get the Look: 

  • Orange Scrubs 
  • Orange Tutu (Optional) 
  • Green Hair Bow  


From Wonder Woman to the Green Lantern, your options are endless with this easy way to style your scrubs into a costume.  

Get the Look: 

  • Black or Blue Scrubs 
  • Superhero Symbol (Printout) OR T-Shirt  


Before you ever dreamed of becoming a nurse or doctor, you probably played this popular children’s game. Print out some pieces and turn your scrubs into a life-size game of Operation.  

Get the Look: 

  • Gray Scrubs 
  • Operation Pieces (Printed Out) 
  • Red Clown Nose 

Top Gun 

Highway to the…waiting room? Embrace your inner Maverick with a simple upgrade to your green scrubs. 

Get the Look: 

  • Green Scrubs 
  • Logos/Symbols 
  • Aviators 

Energizer Bunny 

The perfect scrubs costume when it feels like your shift keeps going…and going…and going. 

Get the Look: 

  • Pink Scrubs 
  • Energizer Logo (Printout) 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Bunny Ears  

Snow White 

You may not have 7 friends to help you complete your rounds, but with a simple red hair bow, you will be the fairest of them all. 

Get the Look: 

  • Yellow Scrub Bottoms 
  • Blue Scrub Top 
  • Red Hair Bow  

Minnie Mouse 

Dressing up as Mickey’s favorite mouse is sure to put a smile on the faces of patients of any age.  

Get the Look: 

  • Black Scrubs 
  • Red Tutu with Polka Dots 
  • Minnie Ears 
  • Yellow Shoes (Optional) 


You passed anatomy for a reason, and that reason is to create the perfect Halloween costume! Maybe not, but with a little anatomy knowledge, some white felt, and black scrubs, you have everything you need for a skeleton costume.

Get the Look:

  • Black Scrubs
  • White Felt
  • Fabric Tape or Glue


Have access to a printer? Grab your favorite yellow and black scrubs, and your look is sure to be *heart eyes.*  

Get the Look: 

  • Yellow Scrub Top 
  • Black Scrub Bottoms 
  • Printout of Emoji Face 

M&Ms or Skittles 

Whether you’re a fan of chocolate or fruity flavors, you are sure to look sweet dressed up as an M&M or Skittle. 

Get the Look: 

  • Black Scrub Bottoms 
  • Candy Colored Scrub Top 
  • Matching Tutu (Optional) 
  • Printed M&M or Skittle Logo 


Working on Halloween may feel despicable, but you can still have fun! Make your youngest patients’ day by dressing up like these popular cartoon characters. 

Get the Look: 

  • Blue Scrub Bottoms 
  • Yellow Scrub Top 
  • Suspenders 
  • Yellow Beanie + 1 or 2 Printed Eyes 

Black Cat  

A classic image of Halloween, a black cat is one of the simplest scrubs costumes out there. Toss a pair of black cat ears on, and you are ready to go! 

Get the Look: 

  • Black Scrubs 
  • Black Cat Ears 
  • Whiskers/Face Mask 

Pepto Bismol

Have pink scrubs but not energized over going as a rabbit for Halloween? Simply print out a label of everyone’s favorite nausea medication, and enjoy!

Get the Look:

  • Pink Scrubs
  • Printout of Pepto Bismol Label


A final easy option for any pair of scrubs? Show up as a crayon! You can turn any headband into the pointy end of a crayon by making a cone out of colored paper. 

Get the Look: 

  • Colored Scrubs 
  • Headband  

We hope you’ve inspired you to style your scrubs this Halloween! Remember to keep it simple, and always check with your workplace’s rules regarding costumes and scrubs colors. 

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