Preparing for written OB/GYN Board exams

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Dear Senior Residents:

I think the best preparation for written OB/GYN boards is probably done by talking to your prior senior residents about what they did. Years of residents will generally have study materials that they are more than happy to pass on to the next group of residents. Beyond that, you know yourself best at this point. If you like to study in groups, find someone to do so. If you like to do practice questions, they are out there. Your prior year’s residents might have some to give you, or you can find them through a review course or online.

Don’t delay in registering for the exam when registration opens. As soon as you are approved, choose your testing center. You don’t want to end up having to drive/travel a long way on the day of the exam just because your local testing center filled up.

Beyond finding some time to study here and there, just remember to try to get some sleep during the nights before the exam, and don’t make big changes to your routine in the days before the exam. This may seem like overkill, but any extra stress on the day of the examination is just not worth it. Drive (or otherwise get) to the testing center some time in the week before the exam and make sure you know how to get there.

Finally, find something else to think about after the test besides the questions you didn’t know. You’re going to have done fine! Good luck!

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