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OBGYN Recertification for Attendings

OBGYN Board Review Questions and Practice Tests

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“I am very happy with BoardVitals! It really helped me a lot in preparing for my written OBGYN boards. Thank you for coming up with such challenging questions in a review format that is easy and convenient to use. ”

Dr. Buenafe

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OBGYN Board Review Topics Covered:

  • GYN-Major Surgeries
  • Primary Care-Preventive care
  • Primary Care-Endocrinology
  • Primary Care-Menopause and Perimenopause
  • GYN-Ectopic Pregnancy
  • GYN-Chronic Pelvic Pain
  • Primary Care-Vulvar Disorders
  • GYN-STI's
  • Primary Care-Pediatric and Adolescent
  • GYN-Ovarian Neoplasms
  • GYN-Endometriosis
  • Primary Care-Family Planning
  • Primary Care-Benign Breast
  • OB-Fetal Assessment
  • GYN-Urinary and Fecal Incontinence
  • GYN-Minor Surgeries
  • Primary Care-PCOS
  • Other-Genetics
  • Primary Care-Fertility
  • GYN-Invasive Neoplasias
  • GYN-Trophoblastic Disease
  • OB-Care of Neonate
  • OB-Prenatal Diagnosis and Care
  • OB-Ultrasound and Imaging
  • OB-Infections
  • OB-Intrapartum Care
  • OB-Hypertensive Disorders
  • OB-Diabetes
  • OB-Hematologic, Neoplastic, Derm and Endocrine
  • OB-Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disorders
  • OB-Surgical Conditions in Pregnancy
  • OB-Preconception
  • OB-Multifetal Gestation
  • OB-Abnormal Fetal Growth
  • OB-Preterm Labor
  • OB-Induction of Labor
  • OB-Operative OB, Forceps
  • OB-Hemorrhage
  • GYN-Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
  • GYN-Benign Conditions
  • GYN-Emergency Care
  • GYN-Hysteroscopy
  • GYN-Uterine Myomas and Tumors
  • OB-Emergency OB
  • OB-Postpartum Care
  • Other-Basic Science
  • GYN-Pelvic Relaxation and Defects
  • GYN-Postoperative Care
  • GYN-Preoperative Care
  • OB-Antepartum Care
  • OB-Psychiatric Disorders
  • Primary Care-Amenorrhea
  • Primary Care-Sexuality
  • GYN-Abnormal Cytology
  • GYN-Coexisting Medical and Psychiatric Conditions
  • GYN-Acute Pelvic Pain
  • GYN-Congenital Abnormalities
  • OB-Postterm Pregnancy
  • OB-Pregnancy Loss
  • Other-Ethics
  • Primary Care-Lesbian Health Issues
  • Primary Care-Osteoporosis
  • OB-Dystocia and Fetal Lie
  • Other-Epidemiology
  • GYN-Laparoscopy
  • GYN-Premalignant Conditions
  • GYN-Ultrasound
  • Primary Care-Domestic Violence
  • Primary Care-Urinary Tract Infections
  • GYN-Diagnostic Procedures
  • GYN-Sexually Transmitted Infections
  • Primary Care-Preventive Care
  • Primary Care - Lifestyle Modification

Lead Editor, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Kaci Durbin, MD FACOG

Kaci Durbin, MD FACOG

Kaci Durbin, MD FACOG is a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist who currently works as an ob-gyn hospitalist director at St. Anthony's Medical Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Prior to her position as a hospitalist, Dr. Durbin worked in private practice for four years. She graduated medical school with AOA designation in 2008 from the University of Illinois. She graduated residency from the University of Louisville in 2012.

Information about the ABOG Qualifying Examination for Basic Certification

It's helpful to know what to expect when preparing for an important event. Going for your certification as an Obstetrician / Gynecologist is one such occasion. You will be required to pass both Written and Oral examinations.

What is covered on the Qualifying Exam for Basic Certification in OBGYN?

According to the Bulletin for the Qualifying Examination (formerly the Written Examination) for Basic Certification in Obstetrics and Gynecology, the following topics are covered on the exam:

  • Obstetrics 40%
  • Gynecology 25%
  • Office Practice and Women’s Health 25%
  • Cross Content areas 10%

Shown below are the approximate percentage of questions in subcategories:


  • Preconception/Antenatal Care 50%
  • Intrapartum Care 30%
  • Postpartum Care 20%


  • Diagnostic and Preoperative Evaluation 25%
  • Surgical Management [decision making] 20%
  • Surgical Procedures 20%
  • Neoplasia 20%
  • Postoperative Care and Complications 10%
  • Emergency Care

Office Practice / Women’s Health

  • Age-appropriate Routine Care 15%
  • Medical Problems 15%
  • Gynecologic-specific Disorders 50%
  • Psychosocial Problems 10%
  • Office Procedures 10%

Cross Content

  • Basic Science 50%
  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Epidemiology and Evidence-based Practice
  • Systems-based Practice
  • Patient Safety
  • Communication and Health Literacy

Tips for the OBGYN Boards:

The Basic Qualifying (Written) Examination

The Written Examination will be composed of objective, single-best answer, multiple-choice questions. It will be possible for all answers to be correct, but you only want to choose the one that is MOST accurate. The questions are designed to be thought provoking and/or problem solving.

Basic Certifying (Oral) Examination

The oral examination will take about one-half day to complete. During this process, your mode and rationale for the clinical care of various patient management problems will be evaluated. The examiners will use the candidate's case list and other hypothetical cases during the exam. Some visual aids may be used as well. The knowledge required for passing the Oral Examination is similar to what was incorporated in the Written Exam. You must be able to demonstrate to the Board that you have acquired the capability to independently perform major gynecologic operations, spontaneous and operative obstetric deliveries, manage any complications and perform essential diagnostic procedures that are required of consultants in the fields of gynecology, obstetrics and women's health. Once your exam is complete, your examining team will turn a report in to the Board of Directors and they will vote as to whether you have passed or failed.

Good luck on the exam!

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