OBGYN Topics on the Board Exam



Each year we conduct a survey on what was unexpected on the Board Exam (which allows us to improve our OBGYN question bank) This list is based on feedback we heard from students on the exam:

  1. ‘There is no need for actual cytology image review.’ Apparently the board exam no longer covers questions specific to this topic.
  2. ‘There were lots of questions on Primary Care, general OB, and general GYN.’ A solid grasp of Primary Care and timelines of precautionary measures (vaccines) should be taken will help.
  3. While not as heavy as the Primary Care content, be prepared for cancer questions. Questions around screening for cancers at different sites is common.
  4. ‘Know inheritance patterns to major disorders’ – Student Doctor
  5. Good resources to use: Dr. Wall’s review materials, Osler, and Board Vitals
  6. ‘Study the practice bulletins! There were a few questions that were very similar to prior practice bulletins. I definitely suggest them as a supplement over a long period of time.’