FAQs about the ENT Recertification Exam

Otolaryngology MOC

Here are some common questions that we are asked about taking the ENT (Otolaryngology) MOC Exam:

When can I take the ENT MOC Exam?

MOC runs on a ten-year cycle for each individual. You may take the MOC exam any time during the last three years of your cycle. It’s not a bad idea to take it early so that you can re-take as needed.

How long is the ENT exam?

The exam is approximately 3.5 hours. It consists of 80- questions.

What does the ENT exam cover?

The American Board of Otolaryngology recognizes that many, if not most, ENTs focus on a specific practice area. Because of this, the board has created practice-specific examinations to cover an ENT’s area of specialty. For example, an otolaryngologist who treats otology patients may not specialize in head and neck surgery. So, that otolaryngologist would take an exam that does not include questions about head and neck surgery.
These questions are divided into three subject areas:

  • Management: 35%
  • Data gathering/Interpretation: 30%
  • Differential diagnosis/Diagnosis: 20%

In additional to the practice-specific examination, all participants are required to answer questions on what are deemed clinical fundamentals: topics common to all ENTs. These topics may include clinical outcome measures/evidence based medicine, anaphylaxis, HIPAA and compliance, deep vein thrombosis, patient safety, otolaryngology related general anesthesia issues, drug & alcohol dependence, ethics & professionalism, pain management and universal precautions.

How is the MOC exam different from the certification exam?

The questions used in the MOC exam are taken from the same pool of questions used during the written portion of the certification exam. While the written exam contains both clinical and basic science questions, the MOC exam contains only clinical questions. The passing score for both exams is the same.

How many times can I take the ENT MOC exam?

During a participant’s ten-year MOC cycle, he or she has three chances to take and pass the MOC exam.

When will I get my results?

Your results will be delivered via mail approximately nine weeks after your test date.

How should I prepare for the MOC exam?

Candidates are encouraged to prepare by working through a self-study guide, like the ENT Board Prep High Yield Review or the Rapid Clinical and Board Review for Head and Neck Surgery. One of the best methods of preparing for the exam is taking questions. BoardVitals is the most used online question bank for the ENT MOC examination.

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