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Sample Echocardiography Board Review Practice Questions

Question 1. QID 2632

This 35-year-old patient with AIDS and bicuspid aortic valve has Staphylococcus bacteremia. The color flow image is suggestive of:

default_echo363.jpg (450×321)

A. Right coronary artery flow
B. Pulmonary vegetation
C. Fistulous communication between aorta and right ventricle (RV)
D. None of the above

Answer: C. Fistulous communication between the aorta and the right ventricle.


In addition to the fistulous communication, the image also shows aortic regurgitation. Fistulous communications generally result from rupture of an aortic root abscess. This may result in communications to the RA, RV, PA or the left ventricular outflow tract (LVOT). Other local complications include abscess of mitral aortic intervalvular fibrosa, leaflet aneurysm and perforation of the anterior mitral leaflet. One may also get an abscess in the ventricular septum, causing a ventricular septal defect after rupture.

Reference: Copyright 2012 Wiley Publishers

Question 2. QID 2448

A patient has mild mitral regurgitation and the time taken for mitral regurgitation velocity to drop from 3 m/s velocity to 1 m/s on continuous wave Doppler examination was 40 ms. The average rate of LV pressure decay in this patient is:

A. 3600 mmHg/s
B. 1280 mm/s
C. 800 mm/s
D. 400 mm/s

Answer: C. 800 mm/s.


The LV negative dp/dt = 36 – 4/0.04 = 800 mmHg/s. This again assumes a constant LA pressure during this portion of LV isovolumic contraction time. This noninvasive measure has been validated against invasively derived negative dp/dt by high-fidelity LV pressure recordings.

Reference: Copyright 2012 Wiley Publishers

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