6 Free Dermatology Board Review Questions

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Are you ready for the American Board of Dermatology board exam? This exam consists of 300 multiple-choice questions (MCQ) that tests candidate’s knowledge of the basic science and clinical aspects of dermatology. The ABD Examination is all that’s standing between you and your career as a dermatologist.

How can you prepare for the ABD Exam? By spending your time taking practice questions, you will be able to identify weak points and areas to focus on in your studies.

Are you ready for the ABD Exam?

Here are 6 dermatology sample questions taken from our Dermatology Board Review Question Bank to gauge your knowledge:

How did you do? In order to adequately prepare for the dermatology board exam, we recommend testing your knowledge with as many practice questions as possible.

The BoardVitals Dermatology Question Bank includes more than 1,000 challenging dermatology sample questions written by ABD-certified dermatologists that cover every facet of the exam you’ll soon be facing. It follows the 2021 American Board of Dermatology content outline:

  • General Dermatology Visual Recognition: 20%
  • General Dermatology: 30%
  • Pediatric Dermatology: 12.5%
  • Surgical Dermatology: 12.5%
  • Dermatopathology: 12.5%
  • Science and Research: 12.5%

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