What are CME Enduring Materials?

cme enduring materials

As a physician, you are required to complete CME activities in order to maintain your certification. However, with so many CME activity types available, it can be difficult to select the activity that works best for you. Many providers offer enduring materials to help practitioners fulfill these requirements. What are CME enduring materials? How do you know if they are best for meeting your CME requirements?  

What are Enduring Materials?   

CME enduring materials are non-live activities that do not have a specific time or location required for participation. Examples of enduring materials include recorded lectures and podcasts. After you complete the material at your own pace, you will have to take an assessment to prove that you retained the material presented in the activity before submitting it to receive a CME certificate.   

Why Choose CME Enduring Materials?  

Complete them anytime, anywhere  

Enduring materials are a convenient option for clinicians because they can be completed at any pace, in any location. For example, a CME podcast can be listened to during your commute, during a break period at work, or during any daily activity.  

Complete them at any pace  

Clinicians are free to choose the pace to complete their CME enduring materials. Activities can be done at all at once or spread out over multiple review sessions, as long as medical board deadlines are met.   

Affordable Cost   

Looking for affordable CME options? Providers price CME enduring materials appropriately, often offering a generous amount of credits in relation to the cost. This is often a better option for clinicians with a lower annual budget in contrast to expensive in-person CME conferences.   

No Membership Requirements  

Completing enduring activities is as simple as purchasing the activity or signing up for access. You do not need to have a membership with any specific organization. Most recorded webinars are available for purchase, even if they were once only designated to organization members.   

No Travel Necessary 

Because enduring materials do not need to be completed at a specific place, there is no travel necessary. In-person CME activities require clinicians to take time out of their schedule to travel and be away from work, family, and friends.   

Bonus Gift Card Incentives 

One major reason why clinicians prefer online CME options  is because many of them come with a bonus incentive like an Amazon or Visa gift card. In many cases, you can get reimbursed for these gift cards, and use the bonus money to further your education.   

Covered by Employer CME Stipend 

Each year, many practitioners are given a CME allowance by their hospital or organization. This stipend is designated for clinicians to buy and earn CME. Most enduring online materials are covered by this CME stipend.   

Complete MOC Recertification Requirements  

In some situations, activities can earn clinicians both CME and Maintenance of Certification (MOC) points 

Looking for a Convenient Enduring Material Option? 

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